Poppy Cake Taker

phonegirlApril 26, 2010

I painted this cake taker with Plaids Indoor - Outdoor paint. This is not the best job but hopefully I'll get better the more I paint with it.

Have any of you used these paints? If so, is there something you could offer to help when painting on tin or glass with these?


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That turned out so pretty, Punk, love the pink and black together. I've not tried those paints so no tips to offer. Did they give you any problems? Sure doesn't show on your project if they did! ;o) Luvs

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Punk, this turned out so pretty. It doesn't look as if you had any problems with it. Did it feel different than regular acrylic? Really good job, love the leaves.

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Luvs and Bebe, glad you like this project. Did it feel different. Oh boy, this paint is a gloss so you can't blend like you do with acrylics. I found it very hard to paint on and look good.

The nice thing about the paint is you don't have to varnish when your done painting. I will spray a light coat of clear and call it good.


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Very nice! I always love painting on a black background, it really makes the design 'pop'!

I've never used the newer Plaid indoor/outdoor paints but I do have some. I have so many other outdoor paints...enamels, Durable Colors, Patio Paint, and usually choose the set of paints for a project that has the most colors I'm interested in using.

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Beautiful project. I have used the plaid outdoor paints. I did not like them much. Would rather prime, paint with acrylic, then varnish. The Final Coat wipe on varnish is easy and gives a beautiful finish.
I use a lot of enamel paint on glass, and it does not blend and float as well as acrylic. But necessary on glass for durability. I love the pink on black, just beautiful.

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Punk....great cake tin! I love the poppies! They look so light and fluffy! And against the black they are really super!

I have use Plaid on glass and you can't blend or float, or atleast I never found a way, looks like you did.

Thanks for sharing!!!!


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KM, thanks and I have other paints that I need to try and see if I like them any better. Please share some of your projects you have used these paints on.

Barbara, thanks for all your sweet comments. It's good to hear that you didn't care for the ways these paints go on. Please share some of your projects with us here.

Belle, your such sweety. You think I figured it out.LOL I will try on glass next and share and see what you think.


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grrrr! So sick of my posts disappearing!

Punk~ I agree with Claudia....your poppies are so fluffy and the lacy edges are perfect. I think the black background really makes them pop.
Never tried that paint before and don't think I ever will now. ha Great job! ~Anj

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