nourison rug help needed appreciated

dixiedollJuly 21, 2014

I am the first to say I am decorator challenged and will gladly take any suggestions. I do not know how to post pics so please pardon me in advance. I have a home that is similar in design to the Evangeline Parrish . William Poole , the architect, has a few pics on his website showing the style (or at least he did a while back). Anyway, I purchased
a rug by Nourison. The style,Vallencierre, is VA02 on the rugs site. I got an 8 x 10 to use in my formal dining room which is the first room on the right as you enter my home. Upon entering my home I desperately need a runner or rug for the entry something that won't clash with the VA02 as it is in close proximity. The dining room is open with no door seperating this area. I have an inlaid design in the entry way but i think this is going to have to be covered up due to my need for a rug/runner. After you enter there is an
archway and then steps leading to the second floor. My dh says maybe a runner at the entry and then a rug in
the area right before you head up the stairs. he measured and thinks a 3ft 6in x 5ft 6 in. would work. To me it seems like a lot of different rugs breaking up the
area. If anyone could offer suggestions as to what would compliment the rug i already have I'd appreciate it. One lady suggested VA26 which is made by the same company. I'd like to find something reasonably priced, if possible. My home has a laid back Southern Living feel
at least that's what i am trying to accomplish. Most of my furnshings are by Century in the dining room. In the small formal living room (across from the dining room)
I have an antique Duncan Phyfe (sp?) sofa, a fern stand,
some Roseville pottery etc. I explained this just to give you an idea of what I have to work with in place already.
If you have any thoughts regarding a rug or something that would look nice with what is already in place I'd appreciate it, My room color is a soft yellow in both rooms and entryway. Thanks for any help and sorry there are no pics. Dixie

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Is this your rug?

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yes it is ! thanks so much for responding!

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It's almost impossible to give good decorating advice without seeing pictures, since decorating is all about the visual. I think the link below will help you learn how to post pictures here.

One more thought about rugs -- have you checked Their prices usually beat the competitors for the same rugs.

I hope this link helps you. I use as you don't have to join anything or tell them about yourself, and the photos seem to stay for years wherever you post them.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to use html coding and post photos to GW

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thank you oceana. I will see if a family member will help me try to post something in a few days.. Thank you for trying to help me. It was very kind of you to respond. By the way, the photo above is my rug. Another member posted it for me.

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Holly- Kay

Hello Dixie. I went to to get a larger pic of your rug (very pretty). I then looked at the coordinating rugs. I think the VA34 would look wonderful as a runner. The cost is $259. You can also purchase the VA38 in a 3'6" X 5'6" for the same price. Rugstudio doesn't charge for shipping.

Your home sounds lovely and I hope you will be able to post pics. Good luck with finding your perfect rug!

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