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phonegirlApril 25, 2008

This is not as clear as it could be but somehting to look at. I might put it on my mailbox lid out in the garden.

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I love it!!!
Sounds like my garden :-)

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That's a neat verse, in my case the weeds grow faster than the pretty flowers!

Did you paint the little scene at the top as well as the flowers and words? I've never tried to do a scenery picture like that. Your's is really nice.


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Very cute and very timely. I love your flowers.

I just planted a whole bunch of Walla Walla Sweets today. :)

Luvs, don't you know how to stay rid of weeds? You get a hula hoe. Then skim all your bare ground with it once every week. Just takes a few minutes to do the entire yard because you're getting weeds that are no more than 1/2" tall and you don't have to worry about the roots. Do this and the job will get easier and easier. My front yard is now almost no weeds ever. I'm working on the back as I didn't be as consistent back there.

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Oh that saying is so true. what a beautiful piece of art.

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Phonegirl~ I thought I'd posted to this, but I don't see it. You did a beautiful job on this and it will look great where ever you put it. I've never tried painting scenes before, but I'm working on one right now. I think I'm making it harder than it needs to be. ha Those flowers are sooo pretty. I'm much better at weeds too. ha TFS. ~Anj

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