Spring Sign

anjabeeApril 2, 2010

Don't know if we decided we were posting over here or the gallery still, but I decided to post it here this time. Took me forever to paint this as you know. Too many interruptions and painting on metal is difficult for me even though I spraypainted it first. This is my version of the one Belle painted. Renee Mullins design. With the flash off the true color is not coming thru. Mine is not quite so green, but you get the idea. ha

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Love it!

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I think it's adorable, great job!

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Awwwww It is really sweet.

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Thank you ladies. =)

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Anj, your springtime bunny sign stole my heart. It is so adorable and so well painted. Couldn't be any sweeter. So glad you had time to paint! Love the metal hanger too.

Happy Easter to all.


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Anj.....Yours is Awesome! I love all of the differences, the wavy whiskers, the accents on the flower petals and the sign, it is all so great and so classy!

I love how any of us can do the same basic project but we each make it our own!

Thanks for sharing!


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Looks like I'm the last one to get by here today. What a treat! Love your sign! The curvy metal topper is neat, and as always, your painting is just perfection! ;o) Very cute too--know you will enjoy it for many years to come. Luvs

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Thank ya'll for all the sweet comments. I'm glad to have a project done and I've gotten some nice compliments at home on it since it's hanging on my front door now. This is a free pattern on Renee Mullins site. I'll put a link below. Been wanting to paint it for a while and when Belle painted it so prettily it jolted me into action to get it painted by Easter.
I was having a hard time with my shading on the metal. Kept beading up or pooling with the paint being thinned. Anybody got a tip to counteract that problem? I finally had to double dip the brush with the background color on one side and the shading color on the other, blend and then do it, but it came out darker and not the way I wanted it to. Just wondered if anybody ever had that happen and could offer at tip.
Punk~ Stole your "heart". Good one. ha Glad you liked it.
Belle~ I love how when we each do the same project and it turns out just a little different! I loved everyone's leprechauns last year!
Luvs~ I got 3 of those signs for 50 cents each at the TS. They were painted an ugly mustard color. I painted the first one with the bear (on the gallery) and don't know what the last one will end up having painted on it. Maybe inspiration will hit me. ha
Hope ya'll have a great Easter! The Easter Bunny came to our house yesterday and we had our family dinner yesterday too. Will probably have family over again later today to eat leftovers. ~A

Here is a link that might be useful: Springtime

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Oh, how adorable! By the looks of the painting you must be a pro. Happy Easter, Vique.

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Wow, what an ego boost Vique! I am far from being a pro....self taught and still struggling, but I love to paint so I won't give up! ha Glad you liked it! ~Anj

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Anj.....did you try shading and then using a mop to soften the lines? I have been using the mop a lot and its getting better or maybe it's just easier. With this method you do not use a wet brush. I dip my shading brush in water and then blot it on a paper towel, removing most of the water or float medium. Then pick up my shade/highlight and paint it on and quickly start pouncing the mop from the dry/lightest area to the darker. You can remove some or a lot of your float. As your mop picks up color, you need to brush it on a dry paper towel or on a very lightly damp area, then on the dry area. On most surfaces, except maybe your metal, I very lightly dampen my "to be shaded" are with water. Just so you have a sheen on your surface, then do the float.

Then there is dry brushing, which is harder to do in some areas, but is great for highlighting.

Hope this helps! But I know that several others here can explain it better than I just did.


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Claudia....You explained it great. I really need to practice with the mop brush or find a tutorial to watch. I haven't had much luck with it so far and tend to make a big old mess. ha Perhaps mine are too big for the spaces I'm trying to mop?? I'll have to look online and see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, but I want to learn how to do it right. Thanks for the suggestion and I'll let you know when I get it down. ha
I probably should have tried dry brushing on the metal, but didn't think about that. I will keep these ideas in mind for that last metal sign I have to paint. Thank you!

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Ok, found a Maxine Thomas mop brush tutorial and I think my problem is that my brushes are too big for the areas I'm working. Soooo, need to get some smaller sized mops and also mine are really poofy and I think I prefer the ones she used in her tutorial that are a little flatter. That will be my next purchase on my next trip to Michaels. She used a Loew Cornell brush. Which brand do ya'll prefer??

Thanks Claudia.

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Anj.....glad you found the MT tutorial, they sure have helped me. I also watch ToleTV with Patricia Rawlingson, she's not as fussy as I am and not into many of her patterns, but I have gotten a lot of tips from her. PS..don't know about your computer, but mine will start and stop through all of her video's, to stop this open the video and click play. When it has started to download, pause the video and let it sit for about half of the time listed as the run time. It will the run smoothly.

My fave's are Loew/Cornell 270 Maxine's Mops, 1/2" and 3/4"
They are flatter than a couple of others I have which are more "fluffy" and harder to use. Been thinking about getting another 3/4" - it is a good size.

If you haven't tried wetting the surface before floating you should. It is really easy and I have had great results especially where I want only one coat of float. DH made me a "practice" board which I sealed. If I don't leave fresh paint on it to long it cleans up easily. It's about the size of a sheet of paper. You might try something like it...it's fun and I'm not frustrated by trying new things while working on a project.


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What happened to my post here? I love the sign Anj, it is just what you need to welcome spring. And you did a great job on the lettering. Don't you just love Renee Mullins? Today I was in Walmart and they had signs similar to the top of yours marked down to $2.00. I bought all they had because I love the scroll work of the metal.

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