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esgaAugust 10, 2014

Hoping for a more suitable answer in this forum than on the bathroom forum, which seems to be frequented by people with gazillions of bathroom in their homes. The home I will soon be occupying with my husband is larger than many of yours, but I hope you might still help me.

We are renovating his garage so I can move in with him. We have to keep my cats separate from his allergies and his dog. This 600 s.f structure will have a large living area and a bathroom. The main house has one bedroom and one bathroom. So the bath in the now-garage, soon-to-be-studio will be my main bathroom.

I am putting in a barrier-free shower, and my question is about the material for the shower pan, I really don't want tile, because of my experience with grout, which is awful, The question is, what material should I look for in a shower pan which will stand up to my monthly need to dye my hair. without getting stained?

The answers I am getting on the bathroom forum are, use tile and epoxy grout (which I have already said I don't want to do), have my hair professionally colored, use another bathroom, install a utility sink for the purpose, or rinse in a stainless steel kitchen sink. I am laughing because this all seems to assume more space or money than I have. So I thought I'd come over here where at least people won't assume there are an infinite number of bathrooms available.

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Buy a dark shower pan. Assuming you are dying your hair a darker shade.

Rinse with the hose outside. UGH NOT

Do they make stainless shower pans? But then what are you going to do for the walls of the shower stall?

We have the fiberglass plastic like material in our bathrooms and I do not dye my hair so I really do not have a good answer for you. Hubby thought this fiberglass would probably stain with dye. I have nothing to test it for you or I would.

I do understand your frustration with expensive fixes. Even if you/we had the money some times we choose to spend it elsewhere. Welcome to the SH group. I hope some one will have a solution for you.

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elisabeth- just posting here to be sure you see the TruStone suggestion. I think it might be just the thing for you... easy care, hard to stain etc. Can't hurt to get a sample. All the best on your project.

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??? Kohler cast iron???

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler

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