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paintingfoolApril 9, 2010

Well, I actually forgot to take the before picture but here is the after. The first photo is an old letter holder. I am showing the back side since my batteries went dead after I took this shot. I am learning to paint hydrangeas which I have only attempted a few times. The second shot is a pic of a little table that was butt ugly before. It had been painted black with gold webbing, then shabby chic white but not done very well. I sanded as much as possible, painted it a warm cottage white and then added the pink roses. Quick and easy. I am in the process of painting more tables and even a vanity but with grandchildren, I don't seem to have a lot of time to paint unless I want them right there with me. And I am a loner when it comes to painting. Hope you like.

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Bebe, I think you've done a wonderful job painting your hydrangeas. Interesting how the background colors show with the white petals. The letter holder turned out nice with your color choices.

Cute table with beautiful pink roses. I bet it looks good with the little sides down too. What do you plan on doing with this since it would be a shame to cover up the roses?

I can hardly wait to see more of your tables. I wouldn't even attempt painting with DGD here so know what you mean with DKids around.


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Thanks, Punk. I have both items in the my booth at the antique shop. I like finding old things and painting them. I love the creamy white look but I also like to pair it up with pastel colors. I don't paint a lot in the bold colors - although I love them - I tend like the softer look. I have a couple of half round small side tables I am working on. Not sure what I will paint on their top yet.

Thanks, again,

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Your hydrangas turned out really nice--but your leaves are always wonderful! ;o) You know I love the nice soft roses you paint, and the ones on your little table are no exception! I love the soft white you used for the basecoat, some whites are just too stark if you know what I mean. I love white (and even black) painted furniture, but don't have any in my home--just oak and other woods! Go figure, huh? LOL


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Bebe...How Charming! Both projects are just lovely. The Hydrangea's and the leaves and gossamer ribbon, what a nice piece to have sitting on a desk. And the gold trim adds an old time feeling and frames the flowers nicely.

Your table is so soft and graceful. The roses are so balanced not only in the overall shape but most important in the color balance, you eye just travels over the whole painting. Something I have a hard time doing.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, yall. Luvs, I don't have many white furniture pieces either, although I do love it. I painted an old buffet last year and used it at Christmas and have been too lazy to take it back to the other room so it is still sitting in my living room. I love the richness of wood tones but sometimes they feel too formal. I use a color of paint that has a bit of red in it. I usually have it mixed at Home Depot and the color looks like a warm white. I believe it is called Belgium Lace.

I have always loved doing leaves. The ones above are painted similar to the ones Donna Dewberry does. Very basic. I don't use yellow in my leaves very often but I do use a color by Americana called Olive green. It sorta looks like a green apple. And I use ice blue for the reflective light on the shaded side. And, of course, adding a bit of the pink or reds to the tips of the leaves makes it interesting. I don't know if hydrangea leaves have any of those colors in them but rose leaves do. I like the look so I take artistic license when I am painting. Both paintings were super quick and easy. The hydrangeas are from a Ros Stallcup book, it may not be the exact likeness but I did look at her painting to get an idea what I wanted to do. The roses are just painted on quickly without a pattern. And I used Jo Sonja paints from the tube, Plum Rose and white. They stay wet longer so you can blend a bit better.

Pez, if you ever have a chance to pick up one of Ros Stallcup's books, I highly recommend it. She has a very loose painting style but she has all the info in her books on how to paint the projects. And she has lots of projects in her books. I find they give me a lot of inspiration to paint. I don't paint her leaves exactly but that is understandable. You can adapt her patterns to your own style. And she has a very neat way to paint ribbon. I don't do back to back floats to achieve a highlight, I usually use my dome bristle scrubber to get the lights. And of course, I used my Krylon 18K gold pen to edge the letter holder.

So glad yall liked this. I will take a pic of the front side of the letter holder when I go back to my booth. I got a little carried away and painted hydrangeas in different colors so it is a bit different.

Now I am back to painting - I am alone, hubby is golfing, kids are at the beach, and I am at my desk. I still haven't finished organizing and purging my studio but I am going to posts pics when I am through.


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Bebe, I just love your projects, they are both beautiful! Can't wait to see more. I second your suggestion on picking up Ros Stallcup's books, I have many of them and just love her style of painting flowers especially her roses. I always liked the fact that her books have a lot of projects in them which was another deciding factor on buying them. Her books can keep you busy for a very long time.

I am working on a few decorative birdhouses at the moment and haven't had much time to paint. I too am a loner when it comes to painting and I also like finding old things to paint that need new life. I'll re-purpose or re-finish anything to save it from the landfill. :-)

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I love both pieces. You did a great job on the hydrangea's, but your roses are nothing short of gorgeous. I love to paint but shy away from roses. I just can't seem to get the knack of it. Keep on paintin'. Vique.

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Kraftymom, sure hope you will share pics of your birdhouses when you get them finished. I always like birdhouses and have a few in the house, on the patio and even in the yard. (None made or painted by me however!) LOL

Vique, keep practicing on doing roses--they are so pretty! I managed to learn the DD One Stroke rose fairly well, but still practicing on doing the more soft loose ones like PF can do. 'o)

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Your hydrangeas are awesome but the! So realistic. Your roses are just lovely as usual. I've tried and tried to paint roses, but they always end up looking like somebody stepped on em when I'm done. ha Just keep on practicing I know. ha Great job on both pieces Bebe! Oh, and if you think you have a hard time painting with the gkids around....remember at least you can send them home! ha Mine are underfoot all the's a wonder I ever get anything painted for real. I'm told I should enjoy it while they are young. ha I'm trying!! ~Anj

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