Mother's day ideas?

luvstocraftApril 24, 2008

Mother's Day is next month, and I was wondering what I might paint as a Mother's Day gift for my DIL. Anybody have any cute ideas? I thought about a flowerpot or maybe a garden sign for her flowerbed. I find that I'm more apt to get busy and paint if I have a purpose and a "deadline" in mind. LOL


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I don't know her tastes, Luvs, but I'm sure anything for the garden can't go wrong. How about a trio of different sized pots painted and filled with different colored geraniums...or maybe you can find a chair to paint and pot?? A pot painted and made into a windchime or any sign would be nice. Let us know what you decide. :) ~Anj

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My DIL just decided to make a flowerbed.
I was thinking of painting some pots myself.
And adding some flowers for her garden.

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How about a real cute sprinkling pail?

Or, visit your local thrift shop and look around for a cute lil' piece of furniture, or a tray, or a mirror that you could decorate? Remember the thread I posted in the gallery about furniture and the one on mirrors? You can look in those for ideas.

Whatever you do I know it will be awesome and I hope you'll share it with us here.

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Hi, I have painted old vintage wooden ironing boards like this one for my mother(this one is for someone else, and my mothers had a more loving writing on it).She could either display it in her home or the porch, like I do my Father Christmas one. I'm sure she will love what ever you do. Good luck!

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Welcome, Gusta of 4, what a cute design for your ironing board. I'd love to see your Santa one too--when you pull it out next time--unless you already have pics of it available.

Anj and Diana, I've seen such cute designs for flowerpots, but alas, she isn't really into plants that much. I like Oceanna's watering can idea too--for me! LOL The best thing I ever came up with was one of those little garden flags and the holder--she loved it and has even bought more flags so she can use it all year. Painted furniture is not her style either. She has liked things like a painted scarecrow and a snowman plaque. She likes pitchers I know, so maybe I'll buy her a pitcher and put a bouquet of flowers in it. Not very creative, but I think it will work.

Thanks for trying to help me.


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hi guys! OK so mothers day is tomorrow and i bought a canvas for me to paint my mother something but i don't know what to paint.... so can u guys give me some ideas? thanks
P.S im only twelve so keep in mind i dont have a lot of money for paints and stuff and that i cant paint something so difficult thanks lots!

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