How do you use your hallways?

sdtripletsAugust 21, 2006

We have one hallway in our house. It is about 7 ft wide and 10 ft long. Because of the room addition we had make this hallway so big. We are planning on putting our family communication center there. Our electriction put extra outlets there for our computer, printer, phone, camera, and ipods. We will put our family calendar on the wall and notes to eachother there too.

Has anyone else done this? If so may I see some pictures.

If you have done something different, what did you do?



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Sounds very practical! If I had a "hallway" that big I would line it with cabinetry/bookcases for maximum use of space and a neater, more integrated look than using freestanding furniture. I have had bookcase-lined hallways before but the space wasn't sufficient for anything but shallow shelving suitable for paperbacks.

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I had to chuckle when I read your post heading. We don't have any hallways to speak of...the only one we have is more of a meeting point for three rooms and is about 5'x5'. Your use of space sounds very wise ;o)

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My hallway is even longer than that, but only about three feet wide. It's the "gallery": I've put my favorite photography (mine and others) up on the wall and installed a track light to focus light on the individual photos.

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That's not a hallway, that's a whole room with a lot of doors! It sounds like a perfect place for a communications center. But if you don't have a window in there, make sure you have attractive lighting and things with visual interest so that family members will be willing to spend enough time to communicate.

If it's a hall that visitors will use, I strongly recommend using cabinets with doors for your gadgets. It will not only look neater, but it's safer. We learned the hard way that it's possible for nice-seeming people to steal things they can pick up quickly. In our case it was a friend of our sons who had a drug problem, but there are professional thieves whose "business" is to look respectable enough to get themselves invited in on some pretext and then grab what they can.

If you plan to use the space for desk work, make sure you have really good lighting for it. Also, since hallways tend to be drafty, and traffic through them tends to interupt concentration, using a cabinet with doors for the desk would not only allow you to hide everything when not working, but the doors could create an alcove for working.

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We have three hallways, and two of them connect to form a sort of double-hall area. The hall near the front door is 4'x9'. One of the long sides has built-ins running the entire length -- a teeny tiny powder room (think airplane size), a coat closet, and a cabinet (two drawers are used as a desk, and the shelves below store table linens). I had lighting installed in the upper portion of the cabinet because the hallway gets very little light. The opposite wall has a console table (with drawer for gloves) and a small lamp.

This hall adjoins the center hall, which is 7'x9'. The stairway leads off this area, as well as openings to the kitchen, dining room, and living room. There is space for a small drop-leaf table and two extra dining chairs along the walls. I bring this table and chairs into the dining room for larger dinner parties. There is a hanging light in here, and this area often gets used as a catch-all for my purse, mail, etc.

The upstairs' hall is irregularly shaped; there is an open area which measures about 7'x9', and a 3'x6' path near the top of the stairs. There are openings to three bedrooms, a sitting room, bathroom, and two closets. At the top of the steps there is a built-in bookcase where the ceiling slopes down low. In the open area is a built-in cabinet with drawers, which I use for clothing. I have a table lamp on the cabinet, and there is a ceiling light and skylight.

All of the hallways are used to display various types of artwork, mirrors, maps, and pottery. Although this house is less than 1500 sq. ft., the configuration of the halls makes the space seem larger and the built-ins help with storage.


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Thank you for the suggestions. I love the thought of making the hallway a gallery. I am going to put our communication hub on one side and on the other I am going to put our family gallery.


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I sit here daydreaming of what I would do with your space. Sounds like a wonderful spot to work with. I would put one of those tall secretaries, I think they are called Martha Washington type and put in all your communication gadgets like you want. Also a chair and distribute family pics all around.I would paint it a deep warm color you might even have room for a bench that you can use to sit take off your shoes.....aaahhhh! Please show pics when you're done.

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We also did a photo gallery. My kids (grown) and grandkids always check out "their" photos. Guests like it a lot, too.
I divided our long hall into sections: one for dh's family (going back to when photos were invented), one for mine. One for ours. And then a separate one for each of our kids' families.
One thing that's helped a lot was putting in a skylight.
Yes, it's a long hall.

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Oh, how wonderful to have such a space!! I have to agree with Livingthedream! In my small home, that size hallway would definitely be a room!! I don't have anything so grand. There are 5 doorways and a closet opening into my tiny hallway and its equally tiny ell, so there are basically no walls. I like the idea of using your space for a communication hub and gallery. I also like the idea of a bench! Do show pics!!

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Hi y'all, this is my first time posting~didn't even know this board existed until I saw it mentioned on the home dec. forum. First let me ask, what qualifies a home as small? I've lived in big homes, but NOW I live in a smaller home, so that's the qualifications for me. What about others? I have almost 1700 sq. ft., and it's just *me*, so I find it comfortable. Three people would still be ok, but more than that, and I think it would get crowded.

Now, about the hallways. I didn't think small homes had hallways~I know I don't. I have four levels, sort of like a row house, and absolutely love it, but the stairs do get tiring. The only 'hallway' I might have would be the wall going up the stairs, and they are each only 4'-5' in length, and aren't horizontal, but go up, at an angle. I guess i've always thought of it as a stairway wall. At the moment they're bare, but i'm thinking of doing a collage of mirrors of different sizes. The only thing stopping me is waking during the night, coming down the stairs, and seeing 'something' moving!LOL

Glad to be here! ;o)


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