Luna moth stand

concretenprimrosesFebruary 17, 2014

I first posted about this almost 3 years ago! (link below).
Then I got stuck because of some things I didn't like, and the fact that the tiles in lines opus tessulatum background was really hard. One of the many things I learned doing this is that I should have drawn guide lines for the rows of tiles first, then drawn my figures. As it was I was eyeballing it, and in some places I know I would have placed some of the figures differently if I'd thought about where the grout lines for the background were going to fall. That said, it is finally ready to grout. Well I'm sure I'll tweak it a bit more then, but its going to happen out doors in the spring. I'll bring up this same post when I do it and add on.
So here is the thin setted but not grouted stand. It is still sitting on a lazy susan and the plate on top isn't attached, but I think I will probably use it. I imagine that I will paint the terra cotta edges at the top and bottom the adjoining grout color, but I'm not sure yet.

Just to make it harder on myself, I plant to use 4 or 5 different grout colors.

It will be a plant stand or side table on one of my porches.

Thanks for looking.


Here is a link that might be useful: Original Luna Moth thread

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Thread came back. Not sure what happened.

I also meant to say above, that I brought this project up out of the cellar and resolved issues and got it to this point in about a week. Just had to let it sit for a while!

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Don't know what all the fuss was about your background tiles not being straight. WHO w/notice w/such beautiful mosaic work all over. I LOVE this project. At first I thought it was gonna be a birdbath, but ohhhhh how much better it is as a plant stand. You're soooooo good at this.

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lol....mine are never straight.

I like this project.

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Kathy!!! So glad you are finishing this!!! WOW!!! I was just mentioning you to a new friend from Ontario(mosaic artist) because I sent her...a tumbler!!!!

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I'm constantly using my tumbler! And I always think of you.

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