I gave up painting - but I'm back !

toomuchglassApril 6, 2006

I'm so glad to have found this forum !! I did tole painting for many years and did craft shows and did fantastic - till the imports started coming in. I gave up . I bought my own wood - cut it - sealed it - painted it - added all the do-dads ... spent HOURS making something .... and I couldn't even compete with the price of the China stuff.I gave it up. I went on to do stained glass - did everything I Wanted to do - but tole on wood is my first passion. Now - I'm combining them - making windchimes with tole painted wooden tops and glass "clinkers" . LOL . I was just wondering what surface everybody likes to paint on. I'm looking forward to seeing pics in the gallery !!! I'll be posting mine soon. I'm happy to be back painting !!!

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Hi -- are you still around? I'd love to see your photos.

I like to paint on walls. :)

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Wow! I just found this board yesterday--had been lurking on GJ forum and finally decided to join in. Thought I would see what other forums were on here and was excited to find this one--but doesn't look like much activity! Toomuchglass, I "recognize" you from the GJ forum, good to see you here too! Iris21, I think this forum would be more active if there were more pics posted, don't you? I have to learn to post pics, then will be brave and show some of my projects. I consider myself a "crafter", so don't expect too much! LOL

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Maybe if we went to all the 'my page' and emailed each person that has posted we could get some of them
back, LOL Since it has been soooo slow, I don't come here often

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One day when I have some time to kill, I just might try that! LOL They probably don't know it is free again. They sure had some good advise for each other, and now there is even a gallery for them to post their pictures.

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Toomuchglass, it sounds like you have lots and lots of experience and are multi-talented. Hope you keep coming here, you would be a big help to the rest of us. I would love to see your windchimes, they sound really nice. My biggest problem sometimes is deciding what design I want to paint on an object! I have several painting books, almost too many choices! LOL

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