Wooden horse for outdoors-question-help

bearbubbacowboyFebruary 15, 2009

Hi all, Am ready to start on my wooden rocking horse. I have sanded where I intend to put tile and am ready to start. Have decided she is going to go on my deck when finished. I cover the deck in way too many flowers (so my husband says)It is a 16 X 30 deck and is partially covered so she will be under the covered area. Since she is my first outside project I need to know about glue please. Should I use thin-set or can I use GEll? I am using glass, china, gems and anything else than I find along the way. Please advise as I want to start ASAP....Thanks so much, Cathy

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Not that I know very much, but even though it will be in a covered area, the rain might get to it so you would be better off with thinset I think. But if you have Mac Glue, you could use that as well. Post pics when you're done!

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GE II will work fine, but all wood eventually absorb water no matter how well sealed and pop tiles off. sealing it with marine sealer, several coats and keeping it covered and bringing it in for the winter may prolong its life for a few years but eventually damage will occur, its inevitable.
Just be warned so you are not heartbroken. a plastic type horse may be a better choice, lots of peeps have done those.
GE is great for outdoors, and thinset is fine too, no problems with either.

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GE11 should be okay, I'd use it. Or thinset. Just keep it under cover from the weather and maybe inside during the rainy/wet season. Are you gonna do it like your abstract?? Or a pattern of some sort, did you figure out your saddle idea?

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Ok thin set it is....I will give it several coats of the stuff hubby uses to seal his carvings (good stuff) and I'll cover it when it's real rainy, and will put it inside come winter..I'm very excited...it's looking pretty cool already..My origainal plan went poof...I changed my mind and am doing a floral theme, since it will be on the deck with my flowers..It think I'm going to call her Rosie. The saddle part will just be some kind of floral tiles. Hubby busy on the new Knarly Birch deck rails so I'd have to wait forever for him to carve me one...too impatient...I'll post a pic later tonight...thanks all for help, I do so appreciate it...Thanks again, Cathy

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Its gonna absorb humidity no matter how much you seal it

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This deck is sounding nicer and nicer...you may have to post a pic of this beautiful deck...flowers...narly wood...ahhh.

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Hi, I only got the rockers yesterday. My grandson that we raise was sick and I didn't get as much done as I would hae liked. Calamity, when the deck is done and my flowers are in bloom I will post a picture. That probably won't be til June though...We don't thaw here til end of May. But here's the horse so far. Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you put it outside it will be temporary art like a snowman. Wood doesnt last outdoors. You use thinset on concrete substrate use GE 2 or better yet GE3 if you dont like toxic fumes and your working indoors.

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its a gorgeous mosaic Bear, its going to be a masterpiece when you get finished. I'm afraid I'll be begging you not to put it outside by the time you are done.

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Oh no. That is too pretty. Please dont put it outside.
Get another one to do for outside...What I envisioned you working on was not something like this. It will be ruined and that would be such a shame, from what I am seeing already it will be gorgeous.

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Ditto - listen to them, Bear. They know of what they speak. It's gonna be soooooooooo beautiful.

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