one stroke dragon fly

summerfApril 26, 2009

Hi, First, I would like to thank everyone who gave me advice about my galvanized watering can. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and have started painting it with one stroke enamel paints. I am happy to hear from LUVSTOCRAFT that you can also use regular acrylic paint as well. In this area it is sometimes hard to find one stroke enamel paints. One of the things I would like to paint on the can is a one stroke dragon fly. How do you create the body? Is it made up of one stroke leaves? The instructions say push and lift to chisel. I'm a bit confused. I will take pictures and try to post them when I have finished the can.

Once again, I love this site. Now I am even busier because I also visit the gardening forum, especially roses which are my passion.

Thanks again for your help.

Have a great week.


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You can use regular acrylics on pretty much everything. It's just the prep and finish on the chosen surface that makes the difference.

Can't wait to see your finished project!

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Hi Summerf, Glad you got the paints you needed and are ready to work on your cans. I would suggest that you do a search for pictures of dragonflies to find one that you would like to use. As for the "push and lift to chisel", that means you would be using a "flat" brush that is square on the bottom. The "chisel" is the very tip of the bristles. So you would start on the tip or "chisel" of the brush, apply pressure or "push" to make your curve, the release the pressure or "lift" the brush back up to the tips or "chisel". You might want to practice the wing a few times before you try to paint it on your project. Hope this helps.

I love roses too, both growing them and trying to paint them. They are just so pretty and "romantic". ;o)

Have fun and keep in touch.


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Hello Summerf,

I have the "one stroke" dragonfly in one of my books. The body is done to resemble small circles joining together on an angle. You start at the top with your chisel brush and pull down with small light strokes, one right after another. There are about 6 strokes on the dragonfly and then a slight liner tail (sort of like aloose x). The wings are done with the chisel edge brush starting from the outside of the wing and moving in (like your long leaves) . There are four wings, two on each side and then the liner brush can make veins in the wings...and your antenna's also. Sure hope you can understand what I am talking about. I wanted to try to explain. Good luck! Show us your watering can when you get it done!

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