no tax on kitchen if installation included

sterrey3May 23, 2008

Does anyone know why HD or Lowes don't have to charge you sales tax when you buy a kitchen or carpet from them and

also the installation.

I live in Georgia.

Have been told this locally at Lowes when looking at a new kitchen, and at HD Expo in Atlanta when shopping for carpet.

If you say buy the carpet only then sales tax is charged,

but if you also buy install then no sales tax ????????

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Don't know the Georgia laws, but here in BC,Canada we have a similar situation. We have two taxes (yeah!), provincial sales tax, and federal goods and services tax. Can't remember which one it is (reno's taken way too long), but one of them isn't charged if the company supplying the material installs it.

I phoned (now that I think about it, must have been provincial sales tax- cuz I phoned the provincial #)and enquired. It was all explained to me- so well, that now I've forgotten the rationale. I'm sure you could phone your state governing body- if you go online- there should be a toll-free contact # listed somewhere.

It's actually good to know, because many smaller outfits may not be aware of the law. HD and Lowes of course are large enough that they are familiar with it.

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This is true in NJ and in PA. No sales tax if they install. You pay tax only if you do the installation.


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Interesting. In CA, you pay tax on the materials, but not the labor, regardless of who does the install. Sometimes we see offers from these places to pay the sales tax for you if you hire their installers, but it sounds like you're talking about something different.

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Same thing here in Florida. In fact, the same goes if you buy a kitchen appliance. Last year we bought a dishwasher and fridge from Sears for $2500. The delivery/installation charge was $75.00. If we picked it up ourselves they would have to add on 6% sales tax, which came to $144. Obviously we opted for them to deliver and set up.

It has something to do with whether you are purchasing a product, which is subject to sales tax, vs. adding something structural to your home, which is not subject to sales tax.

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Ditto in Maryland...we paid no sales tax on anything that EXPO is also installing...cabinets, appliances, etc. That's a substantial savings if you aren't going to DIY! Assuming, of course, the installation isn't already 6% higher than elsewhere (our state sales tax is now 6%).

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Hmmm. I just bought new carpeting for my bedroom this week and had it installed (Mom & Pop Outfit) and was charged sales tax. I live in Minnesota. However, we have no sales tax on clothing or groceries.

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A kitchen is considered to be a capital improvement. That's why no tax. Not so for a carpet.

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I live in Calif. and checked all my quotes. If you have it installed there is no tax at all (not even on materials), if you only buy materials, no installation, then you are charged tax.

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Raynag - you didn't pay tax on your cabinets?

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If what you say is true, "If you have it installed there is no [sales] tax at all (not even on materials)" ... I think you'll find that your contractor already paid the sales tax when he purchased the materials.

I guarantee you, someone is going to pay the California State Sales Tax!

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New York also does not collect sales tax for capital improvement. It was cheaper to have Sears deliver and install my convection microwave oven (they had a sale on installation) than it was to pay sales tax and do it myself.

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Does anyone know how this works in CT?


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