Question About Using the Living Social Deal at AJ Madison

marcia59May 27, 2013

I talked to one of the sales people at AJ Madison who said that when you use the Living Social deal, you lose all their sale prices and discounts, so if your appliance has that 10% today offer, you lose that. If it's got the "lower price in cart" discount, you lose that. Memorial Day (and presumably other special sale) prices don't apply.

But I'm pretty sure someone here said they used the LS deal and got the AJ Madison discounts.

So, for those of you who have actually used the deal, what's your experience?

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I haven't redeemed mine yet, but I think the $250 savings is better than 10% off unless you are buying something really expensive.

Also, one could easily split their purchase by using the $500 voucher on one transaction, then do a separate purchase for other things they need where they can get a sale or 10% discount.

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Is there anything in the fine print to that effect?

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I got the lower price when I bought my range hood yesterday (so excited!). The hood was listed at 549 but I got it for 494 in my cart. I had to pay the shipping of 99 dollars, but nothing else.

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The shipping charge should DEFINITELY be waived for items that qualify for free ship under the Memorial Day sale. There is nothing in the fine print excluding it.

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Sophie Wheeler

Remember that unless you are one of those who gets the whole discount for free, you paid $250 for the privilege of buying something at regular price. Don't forget to add that $250 back to the equation. You're really only getting $250 off when it comes down to it. That might be a good deal for a DW or other appliance less than $2500, but for a fridge or stove that's higher priced, it's probably cheaper to just get the sale price.

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And the deal is over. When I called today to inquire about my order, not only were they extremely rude to me, they actually hung up on me! :-o The rep also stated that they pulled the LS deal because so many customers were wanting the free shipping that had been advertised for Memorial Day and/or the free shipping that would come standard on their items. Of course people wanted it--AJ Madison advertised it! (FYI I could not get the FS that is always offered on my item- they actually tacked on an extra $99 to the $3,000 range I was purchasing.)

Overall I'm disappointed in their service and will not do business with them in the future.

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