questions about GE II

anneinva_2009February 17, 2010

ok, i bought some GE II. how do you use it. do you spread some on the object you are mosaicing to and then place pieces on,

or do you butter each piece of glass.

what about it getting on your fingers.

how about the fumes?

any tips

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Everybody has their own way. some people put a pile on a plate and dip the piece or apply with a toothpick-I do this for small pieces. I put mine in a syringe and squirt it on the back of each piece before I lay it. If I put it on the plate it cures before I use it (I am slow)
It sets up within a few minutes, maybe 10 or 15. same thing could happen if you put it on your piece first unless you are fast.

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I like to use the tubes of GE II and I bought a thing called a tube key. It came from a beauty supply place and is a little metal thingie that slides onto the end of a tube and you roll it up as you squeeze. I couldn't easily squeeze out the glue otherwise. I place a small dollop onto the substrate and then place the tesserae onto it. If I get any on my fingers I wipe it off with a dry paper towel.

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I usually put a small amount on a paper plate, and butter each piece. It is very time consuming. Think I'll get a syringe and try that next time. Easy to come off your fingers, not so easy to come off your clothes!

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hey Silva, I need one of those keys - that sounds perfect. Better than folding tubes over and taping them! lol

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I have used a syringe and like it ok, but mostly put a small blob on paper and use toothpicks to butter my pieces. Never have been bothered by the odor. Good luck.


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I buy the smaller tubes of silicone, a bit bigger than a tube of toothpaste, and just put the silicone on the tesserae and can get about 3inches/square of mosaicing done, then let it sit for 15minutes, then continue, I don't seem to be bothered by the fumes, but my hubby runs around opening windows!!ha! I too use a towel. I use outdoor silicone.It is called GE Marine Silicone. I have decided to use light globe cement balls from now on for my garden spheres, as the bowling balls are getting scarce around here and also I have had some balls crack in the freezing weather...too lazy to haul my garden art in for winter...and I use an outdoor grout, but didn't in the beginning and haven't had an issue with those early ones, just my choice now...and an outdoor saler, but again, haven't had issues with the previous ones that I used indoor sealer on?!

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i had a bowling alley donate 8 of them. but i see them at the thrift shop all of the time, especially disbled american vets. i bought a toothpaste size tube too.

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