Goodwill won't take painting books!

luvstocraftApril 23, 2007

Can you believe it? I took a bag of clothes and baby toys to Goodwill this morning. Also had a small bag of about 25 old painting books I no longer wanted. They would not take them! Said only hardcover, paperback, and cooking books. No wonder I seldom run across any craft books when I hit the TS now. Guess I'll put them in my yard sale when I have it. Luvs

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Wow, that is hard to believe Luvs. The GW here does have magazines so I'm surprised your's won't take the books. Would you like to mail them to me instead!!!!

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Their loss. I hope you can find another charity thrift shop to give them to. If not, there's always eBay...

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Sal, I imagine the postage would be more than they are worth!

There is a little community TS fairly close by, and I have found some craft things there--I'll probably take them there next time I go that way.

I don't do ebay--but I could probably have my DIL sell them for me, she sells things on there all the time.

I just thought it would be nice for them to be where a crafter would find them. It just struck me funny that the guy said they wouldn't take them.


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That is weird. Our TS also has magazines and craft books. I've found a few little paint books at one. I guess most painters hold on to them like we do...just in case. ha Hope the other one will take them. Imagine the happiness they will give a fellow painter when they find them. :) Maybe you should write our gardenweb site on the inside covers and maybe the finder will come and join us. ha ~Anj

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Hm, yep-- I literally just saw a really hideous "How To Macrame" craft book in the Goodwill on my lunchbreak... If they take that, you'd think they'd take some nice painting books.


Off to make a giant macrame owl vest now...
(Kidding! Kidding!)

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Anj, that is a great idea! I will do that and maybe some new people will come visit us! Hey, maybe I will find a painting buddy in my area that way, huh? ;o)
Well, maybe it was just the guy I got stuck with--but yes, I always look for craft or decorating books--and magazines when I hit the TS.

Jenn, you are too funny! I almost hate to tell you this, but I do remember when macrame was all the rave! Showing my age, aren't I? I remember taking a class to learn to make the ones for hanging pots, and I bought a HUGE square one for my family room that held a pot of flowers in the middle. As I remember, it took some skill and practice to learn to do it too. Isn't it funny how things go in and out of "style"? LOL

Oh, and I have been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed your website. Lots of neat things, and I love your fun writing style. Your shopping excursions make me want to come visit Pa. Lots of neat stuff there, and you seem to find the best things.


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We have a used book store that says they can't get enough books like that in and would take all you bring for trade. I have found some wonderful craft books there. You are right, they would sale on ebay. I have bought painting books from ebay myself. Seems like GW is getting pickier and pickier not to mention higher.

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There is always Someone will want them and they will come and get them. Meet in a public location. My sil is a cop, just being cautious. Dena

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Gosh thebizziemom, I wish we had a bookstore like that here. Have you noticed that the new painting books are going up and up? Usually $11.95 or $12.95 at Michael's now--some even higher.

Thanks for the suggestion Jaspersmommy, I am sure I will find someone who will take them. I'm leaning towards our local TS, it is just a small church operated TS, I'll try taking them there I think.


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Jenn~ you are cracking me up!! :D

I was little, but I also remember the big macrame craze. All my older cousins were doing it and I can remember the flower pot holders hanging in everyone's homes. It could come back (everything else does) if someone came up with a modern twist with new colors and materials and maybe subbed the big wooden beads with the newer glass beads. Of course, the owls would have to go!! @:) ~Anj

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Luvs and Anjabee-
I was a kid, too, when macrame was popular (thus, ducking any responsibility for it!- hee...) though I do recall my aunt learning to do it, and there being quite a few of the aforementioned owls, and yes, planters. Perhaps it will have a resurgence at sometime when it will can actually be used for the Forces of Good instead of associated the current kitsch. It's gonna take someone with a lot of talent and taste, though. And maybe a color palette that doesn't involve "avocado." :-)

Glad you've enjoyed the blog, Luvs-- very kind of you. :-) I think you'd have a great deal of fun in this neck of the woods if you ever make it here. Craft shows abound, and plenty of places to get items to decoratively paint. I think you and Paintingfool could really show 'em a thing or two at the arts festivals.

Have a great day,

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Wow, what a nice compliment to PF and myself. Thank you, but I'm nowhere near PF's league in painting.

There are so many talented painters across the country. Sure would love it if more of them found their way to this forum. ;o)


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