suncoastdaylilyFebruary 27, 2010


Can anyone tell me anything about fusing / slumping and how would one learn how to do this? What kind of kiln do you need to do this?



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Hellow SUN: There are many tutorials on the internet. Just Google your subject/questions, and I'm sure you'll get answers. Perhaps those w/kilns w/chime in. I want one, but not gonna buy another black hole to pour money down - too many tools already. I played w/fusing at a workshop in Puerto Vallarta last year - the teacher brought hers, and I fell in love w/the process. Oh, man, was it fun. Made several little tiles to incorporate into my project. Good luck on your search.

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Looks at the Delphi glass site, they have tutorials and videos since they sell this equipment, it should help you.

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Elaine, I will be watching this post with interest since I just bought a glass fusing kiln last week. It's a Paragon Caldera and I bought it used off of Craig's List. It has a digital temperature controller and I have been trying for a week to understand it. If you go to the Paragon and the Skutt websites, you will find information that may help. I finally managed to successfully fuse two pieces of glass together but I don't remember how I did it (hahaha). So I will keep trying. I need to go to town and buy fiber paper for the shelf, plus some other supplies. Please keep us posted, and I will do the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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Elaine, I should have also said a little about learning how to fuse glass. I took a beginners course at a glass shop here in Austin. Very basic, learn how to cut glass into shapes, glue one on top the other, and leave for the teacher to fire later. Then my friend went on to take the intermediate class, which involved slumping using a mold. I think it's a good idea to take a class first in order to decide if you are really interested in it. Another friend took it with us and decided that she did not want to pursue it.

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You can use any kind of kiln as long as it will heat up to 1600 degrees. Each kind works a little differently but with a little practice they will all work. Delphi has some stuff on their site and they also sell indepth books on it...that is where I got all of mine. I have been fusing glass for several years and have never taken a class. It isn't that hard. Do you have more specific questions? There is a lot I could probably tell you if I knew more about what you want to know.

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