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desertstephAugust 30, 2011

ok, before I forget -

are there different blades for a hacksaw for wood vs metal?

what kind of caulking stuff do I want that I can paint over, use in wet areas (bathroom) and other areas?

anyone ever drill a hole in cast iron? I'm going to see a cast iron sink tomorrow - 35.00 - but the faucet is in the middle with handles close on either side. The handle holes are way too close to use for a handle or sprayer. I know there are plugs for holes you don't want to use - but I'll need at least 1 more. I think. well, for the faucet I've picked out. I guess I could look for another faucet with the sprayer on it. haven't used one in over 25 yrs so figure it isn't something I'll use a lot.

any tips on drilling that hole?

If the sink is decent it'll save me at least 165.00!

also, saw a GE profile range for 120.00 -

is that a good one?

has coil top (fine with me, was probably gonna get a coil cooktop anyway). It's got the knobs on the back (top) tho, so will have to see if I can reach them easy enough. And that it's CLEAN (even tho I would clean it again). I don't want to be spending days on it (the one I have now would take a week of work). a 'day' of work on it would be about 2 hrs to me these days.

there's also a double oven for 300.00, BUT I don't need 3 ovens. not even 2. Even 1 won't get used that much.

months of nothing on our CL and the last 2 days - about everything I've been needing yet.

including a vanity with top and sink. it's a cultured marble top tho - don't think I'll like that.

Will it come off easy enough?

it looks large - 3 drawers down each side for 150.00. and it looks in great shape! will call in the morning for size. I can take up to a 66" one - and i know it isn't that wide! I'm sure I'd want to change out the top/sink tho. The wood is lighter than I'd normally choose but for 150.00 and 6 drawers, I'll live with it! I can always wipe it down with a stain.

and steps - if not sold. I was supposed to go this a.m. to look at them but didn't even get up til 11.30 - then too hot to drive there. will try again tomorrow.

and cabs (like above a fridge 12" deep) that I can use for the laundry room. Very nice looking and 25.00 each. 33" wide and some @ 39" wide. I have space for 3 of them i think.

Here is a link that might be useful: vanity

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I've never heard of anyone using a hacksaw for wood, just metal. Handsaw for wood. What are you cutting?

What are you caulking? Around the tub that gets constantly wet, or the baseboard/trim that just gets the humidity from the bathroom and an occasional bit of water on it? Silicone caulk around the tub and toilet, though you probably can't paint it, and it's a pain because it isn't water cleanup, and it stinks. Latex caulk around baseboard/trim, and it is easy to put on, smooth with wet finger, easy cleanup, and paintable. But it will peel off if it is constantly wet.

I don't know anything about ovens. What I generally do is a search with the terms like: GE profile complaints problems

Then I find out if there is a consistent problem with something. You can also check consumer reports. You can ask on the appliances forum, but beware, they bite.

Does the cast iron sink have a porcelain layer on top? I don't know how you can drill through without cracking it.

The cultured marble vanity comes off easily. Look under, it should just have a few L brackets holding it on with screws.

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had no idea with the hacksaw. it didn't cut my hose! don't think it's had a new blade in my lifetime tho... wanted to get a new one and they seemed to have different kinds so I figured it was probably something like wood or metal options.
darn - I thought it'd be good to cut some small branches. they aren't metal tho - lol!

thx on the counter top info. that's good to know. I'll call on it today.

caulking. shower, tub, toilet, baseboards etc. sounds like i'll need to buy 2 kinds? ugh. then i always have a half a tube or more that gets wasted. by the time I try to use it 10 yrs... it'll be hard as a rock.

cast iron - yep. porcelain on it. how do other holes get in it? surely they have a special bit like they do for tile and stuff? if not, that sink won't work. I do think getting a different faucet w/sprayer will almost make up the difference i'd save with the CL sink!

oven - thought I'd ask in case someone here had one.

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Cast iron sinks. I think, but not totally sure, that they drill the holes in the cast iron before they put the porcelain on it.

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they do! someone does. I googled it. is even a thread on gardenweb on it! will have to look it up and read it.

the porcelain drill/cutting kit cost 70-120.00 $s tho. ugh.

will have to check the cost of new sink vs this tool plus CL sink.

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Yes, different hack saw blades for wood and metal.

If the sink has holes close together, they make a "scutcheon" or "escutcheon" plate that can go across the hot/cold holes, so you can get a single hole faucet set, and just cover up the other holes with no problem. Be careful of "dissimilar" metals when you do this, because cast iron (not with the enamel coating but plain cast iron) will tend to interact with some metals. I think brass faucet is fine, but then I do recommend that you look it up.

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I'll check that out ML - I'm hoping to get SS. Saw the sink - it'll be fine and i'll just change what i was getting for a faucet and get one that has the handle and sprayer on the faucet. They're usually more $s so i was staying away from them but with the savings on the sink, going an extra 50.00 up for the faucet will be worth it. I don't want to bother with the expensive/mess of drilling another hole in it. i should be able to get both for what a sink like this one would cost.

I go look at the stove in the morning. she said they switched out to SS appliances. It's 30" wide - fine for me. I don't remember if i have a 30 or 36" in there now. but 30 will fit in a 36" space. that'll give me 6" more if/when I change out the base cabs next yr. I do hope i can reach the back knobs ok... made a quick decision that it'd save me at least 400.00 (than if I got them separate) and since I don't cook much it really shouldn't matter. If this next yr is horrible using it, I'm only out 120.00.

I'm also hoping to go look at those steps in the morning - so girl has an easier way up. We're staying there tonight and i'll have to carry her up...and down. She's fallen a few times here - tripping over things (she used to see them) and trying to jump up on the bed and falling backwards... and jumping off of it - and crashing. Her frail little boney body can't take more of this. So I'm packing some snacks (for both of us) and drinks and going there. I'll make a trip back here for her pillows and blankie - and my pillow too! That's about all we need for the night. If something drastic is missing, the door into this place is about 5' from the back door of that one.

She does slip on the kitchen floor there, so I'm going to put the striped rug i have down on that laminate - and close off the other doors. She'll be able to wander in 'our' room, the bath, LR/DR, Kit and west hall. i'll leave a light on for her... lol! I doubt she'll go far from me. but if she falls off of that bed it's not even 12" (and I have padding on the floor) - here it's the mattress, bx springs AND bed frame. There's padding on the floor here also but it doesn't seem as 'padded' with the extra distance to the floor...

the last time we were there she slept on the floor beside the mattress (and me)- that's safer for her but I miss her curling up to my back. sometimes she'll come up when I'm typing on the keyboard and put her chin on my shoulder like she's reading what i'm typing - lol!

The vanity is 48" and my space is 66", so it'll fit. he says it's wood (not plywood/particle board). i won't mess with putting it in til this coming winter - or spring tho.
i hope my BIL will go get it - it isn't real close to us - maybe 30 or so miles away.

My sister has eye surgery again tomorrow so he's been busy taking her in for that and back home - and then back on Thursdays for a check up.

ML - thx for info on hacksaw - I should look it up - I also need to measure my saw. I've seen at least 2 sizes at the store and don't know which one would fit my saw. I thought it'd be a great little saw to cut off a small branch or 2 (or 10) on brush around here.

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