I need help painting a face~~~~~~~~

textilejoApril 30, 2008

I need help painting a face on a metal girl.

The picture below shows the wonderful statues and metal things I bought for $15!! They are all faded and most are cracking but I figure with a new coat of paint the can last a few more years:-)

I'm repainting all of the pieces. The metal girl that you see in the back with the angel wings has no face. I would like to paint one on her. Can anyone suggest a very simple face for her?

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Hi Textilejo, Welcome to the Painting forum. I had read your post over on GJ about these. What a great buy, didn't you get them all for something like $15.00? What a great bargain, and they are sooo cute.

My first suggestion for a face is two dots not too far apart, some rosy cheeks and just a little heart shaped mouth.

I pulled all the pics from my Photobucket album that had faces on them. Ignore the shapes, and just look at the eyes, cheeks, mouth to see if there is anything you like, okay?


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Thank you lovestocraft, those are what I'm looking for! simple to paint:-) I have 1 finished and two more started.

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Can't wait to see the finished product.
Luvs sent the faces I was thinking of LOL

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They have those new "paint markers" at places like Michael's Craft Stores. Has anyone used them yet?


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