Cat sign painted for a gift

luvstocraftApril 24, 2010

Found this cat design and thought it would be perfect as a surprise gift for our cousin who loves cats. I'll get it mailed off to her this week. Luvs

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I love that he looks cross eyed - really sweet. Your friend is going to love it.

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Oh Luvs, what a cute sign. I am so happy to come here and see a new project. Love the spring colors you used. Your cousin who loves cats will be delighted with this for sure.


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Really cute! You did a great job.

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Glad you all enjoyed seeing it. I liked that his eyes were crossed trying to look at the bee on his nose!

It's a Sharon Saylor design and would you believe it's from a Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts magazine from--are you ready for this--2003! Can you tell that I save all my old painting magazines and look back through them from time to time???? LOL There are so many projects in them that I wanted to paint but never got around to, nice to finally get to do some of them. ;o)


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Luvs, I recognized Sharon's design and also have that magazine. I really enjoyed WoodStrokes and was sad to see it end. Sharon Saylor-Chinn does love her cats, she does a lot of them. I also spend time going through my many painting books and magazines looking for fresh projects. It's nice to have an entire library of painting projects at your fingertips, you never know what you might find.

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Luvs...he's a handsome dude! Everything is so much fun, the sign, the bee's and the daisy's and yes his crossed eyes as he looks at the bee on his nose. What a fun gift to give and also to receive.

What did you use for a surface?

Kraftymom....nice seeing you again!


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Kraftymom, are you like me and find things that you really like NOW in one of your old books, but it hadn't really caught your eye "back then". Guess that's why it's good to keep them too--our interests change over the years.

Belle, I cut this little sign out of some thin wood. I think it might be 1/4 or 1/2 inch BB plywood. Thought it was fun that the project had that one side around his ear cut out.


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Yes, I do see those types of projects when looking through past issues. I have a large library of both magazines and books so I will never be at a loss for ideas, but then again it can be mind boggling. :-)

After seeing this post I went to my 'studio' and pulled my storage box of wood cutting patterns to take a looksee. Many years ago when I first got my scroll saw I belonged to the monthly pattern club from The Winfield Collection. It was insane....for something like $12.95 you got a set of 100 patterns each month, everything ranging from ornaments to yard art. Needless to say I have a lot of wood cutting to do! LOL

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I never joined the Winfield club, but I've always admired their patterns through the years. Goodness, you must have a huge amount of patterns--too many choices sometimes huh? Sometimes when I look through several books and like so many of the designs, I end up not doing any of them! I should just pick up one book, select a project and paint it! LOL

I love using my scroll saws, but find I do best when I use them often and really get into the "groove", like everything practice makes perfect. I used to do so many cutouts when the country/rustic items were so popular, but now mostly signs for the garden or on my side gates.

Hope to see a pic of one of your projects soon.


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