My painting room disaster

paintingfoolApril 27, 2010

Well, I had this post all typed and ready to go when something happened and it closed down. So here I go again.

I promised to show you my painting room - which is a total disaster!! I am purging as I go so there is a lot of stuff on the floor and beside my desk. And I am still trying to paint a few things in this mess.

Here is the plan - which will take a long while for me to complete.

1. The first picture is the three armoirs that were given to me and they work great for storing painting supplies. I would like to paint them in a creamy white. The cabinets are about 3'wide x 2' deep x 6.5' high.

2. The storage shelf is 8' long x 7 feet high x 2' deep. It was also given to me and I had to put it together before I could paint it. It has a lot of adjustable shelves, I still have four that I am not using at the moment. The 12 qt. containers hold all kinds of things, round wood balls, angel wings, little shoes, lots of different things to be used on my Santas and Angels. I also have a lot of my patterns and painting packets in the books. I want to remove everything and get rid of what I know I will not use and then paint the shelving unit in the same creamy white.

3. I have a large wardrobe filled with material. I have promised to give the girl next door most of it. I will probably move the wardrobe to my laundry room to hold some of my dishes - and I have many of those.

4. I have a very pretty desk and chair I would like to use in my room but I am still debating this one. The chair is fabric and I am afraid I will get paint on it.

4. You can't see the file cabinet which is filled with books. I plan to paint it also in the same creamy white.

5. I want to put up a new window valance, the fabric will be a toile pink and beige color.

6. I would like to mount my TV but that may be a problem.

7. I currently have some of my ornaments hanging on the wall but I want to put in a bulletin board. Since I can't find one the right size I will have to make one.

Now, if any of you have suggestions, please let me know. It is really tough getting rid of some of these things because I always think I am going to do something with them and I never get around to it.

What I did not show you is the closet which is filled with rubbermaid containers holding furs, Christmas picks, belts, stuffed doll bodies, etc. And the hallway is lined with things I have already moved out.

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Wow! You have organized storage!

I, too would paint the wood armoirs, both inside and out, and why not make the front of one your bullitin board or chalkboard? I have little wall space so I use every verticle surface I can find.

I hear you about the material, I just went through mine and made a pact with myself, keep 1 and give 10 away. Wasn't hard after I started, just watch a couple of episodes of "Clean House," you come out with a new outlook, I gave away boxes of "stuff" I might use.....sometime. Now I can find the "stuff" I will use.

I have used a cloth chair and at first placed an old towel on the seat, then went to just the chair. I have spilled once or twice but quickly cleaned it up, no problem and I used Scotch Guard.

I also wish I had a TV in my area, no way will even a tiny one fit. I have my lap top computer on my drafting table and could watch TV if I installed the cable in my area, but I either listen to audio books or watch old movies, I use my lending library alot!

Looking forward to seeing the finished room! Have fun!!!!!


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Oh! Bebe, I so enjoyed seeing that! I was saying things like "oh look at the lightbulbs and silverware, I've seen some of those she's painted" and "wow, it would be fun to see all the goodies in those boxes!" LOL What fun just imagining all the possibilities!

You are so lucky to have a craft room and all those wonderful storage pieces. If you are anything like me, you will never get it all painted because you will get too sidetracked looking through all your goodies and then be too tired to paint! LOL

I showed DH and he said I should thank you because now he can't complain about my "collection" of craft stuff! LOL

I've tried several times to part with some of mine, but then I think I should save it for little GD to craft with someday, or remember what I was going to make with some of it and fool myself into thinking I'll actually get it done!

I can see why you are wanting to finally get some of this used up or passed on--it gets to be overwhelming and actually hinders our creativity when there's so much doesn't it? And if you are like me, some projects have now lost their appeal and I've moved on to other things.

This was fun, I'm going to go look some more--love imagining what you will create with all these goodies! ;o)


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OMG, you do have alot to organize. Right now my craft room is such a mess and I hope to have a new WIC to help me keep things more organized.

I really like your wooden armoirs but if you have it in you to paint all of them, go for it. If you only get one part painted a month, it won't be long and it will be done. A new look is always good to brighten up our lives.

I don't know if I was you if I would get rid of all that material the way you like to make things. I did that once and couldn't run fast enough to buy more.

I can't see me doing anything this major with the life I lead but I can hardly wait to see how all of yours turns out.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us and be sure to keep us posted on how it's going. Maybe some pictures along the way.


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Thanks for sharing your painting room pictures. It was like looking at duplicates of my stash. I work on organization and really try to get rid of stuff, but still have way too much. I have even made a pact with myself, to only paint on surfaces that I already have. I break that pact on a regular basis. My "stuff" overflowed my painting room, now my computer-sewing space is also storage of painting surfaces. Plus I really do have to save every great jar, bottle, light bulb that I come across. I am pretty sure this is an addiction, I may need an intervention soon.

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Oh Bebe! How I wish I had those storage cabinets!!! I can't keep very much "inventory" in my small space. It really hinders me when I'm looking for something and it's in a box out in the garage or attic. grrrr. It all seems very organized, but I know how things can get out of control quickly. My desk is so piled up right now from my filing yesterday I couldn't find what I was painting on if I wanted to although it is under there somewhere. ha It's my office/painting area so things get intermingled often.
I'm with luvs....would love to go shopping in your boxes to see what goodies you have hidden in there. ha Is that wrong?? ha
I don't have a tv anymore, but I go to and different sites to watch recent episodes of the shows that I like and I can play dvd's on my computer too so it doesn't bother me much not to have one.
All the changes you have planned sure sound good. It always takes a lot of time and work to get things organized, but you are going to love it when you get it like you want it.
You may have inspired me to take a pic of my workspace to share......gotta do some cleaning first though. ha ~Anj

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Hi Barbaraw4, glad to have you posting on here with us! Welcome! Please join in on any and all our posts here and on the conversation side. Be sure to check out our gallery section as well.

Hope you will want to share some of your own pics of projects and things too. ;o)


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I am trying to figure out how to post pic's.

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Barbara, I just bumped up a post with the step by step tutorial Anjabee did to help all of us with posting pictures.

Just read through it and give it a try. If you have any problems, just ask and one of us will help.

Trust me, it's easy. Anj is the one who helped me learn to post them and if I can do it anyone can! ;o)


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Hello Barbara...glad to have you join us....what a wonderful group to be part of! We are all so different and yet share so many things. What part of the country do you live in? How long have you been painting? What is your favorite style of art? and so on and so on.

Please come back often and be sure to check out the conversation side, we chat about all kinds of things there....well almost all kinds of things! Come join us there.


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