Does demo'd granite usually go to the landfill?

ginny20May 23, 2013

That seems like a shame. I have seen some kitchen redos on TV where they specifically state that they are donating the counter, or keeping it to use on another project. But last night I saw "Kitchen Cousins" redo a kitchen with terrible cabs but lovely granite (if you're curious, it was "Leave it to the Professionals"). Full backsplash and a peninsula, too. Had to be two slabs. Clearly, someone had added granite as a stop-gap measure to spruce up the kitchen. You just know it hadn't been installed more than a few years, if that. And in the part where they show demo, they were just pounding at it with hammers, and taking it away broken. I actually gasped when I saw it.

Is it too hard to remove it so it can be reused? It takes so long to create these beautiful stones. There is a finite supply. Shouldn't we be a little more careful what we do with it?

This probably belongs in Conversations, but I don't know how much traffic there is over there.

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Holly- Kay

I have to agree Ginny. I was able to donate my cabs and corian countertop to Restoration York. My cleaning lady was able to use our range and dishwasher so everything was reused.

It makes me gasp too when I see something lovely being destroyed. I think those shows actually do it for the shock factor!

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I wonder the same thing.

We donated our old doors, appliances, counters to a ministry that rehabs in lower income areas. It felt good knowing that they wouldn't end up in a landfill.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Agree about the shock factor. I recall an episode of 'Moving Up' where the new owners destroyed a stained-glass window that was one of the former owner's favorite features.

I don't know what happens to old granite countertops--I suppose it would be up to the homeowner to arrange transport if the demo crew didn't take them? I did a google search on 'how to reuse granite countertops.'

The instructions on the link below are laughable:

Here is a link that might be useful: diy network

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I saw some countertops at the granite company's boneyard - couldn't tell if they were mistakes in fabricating or removed in a remodel.

But I always try to remove and recycle anything useful, or put it on Craigslist as a curbside pickup. The countertops from our kitchen were not salvageable, but the sink found a new home with a local charity rehabber.

Total waste from that project was some 30 year old particleboard & Formica countertops. Everything else was cleaned up and reused or sent elsewhere to be used.

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I am a fabricator.

Granite shops have literally tons of waste on a regular basis. Waste is normally crushed and used for road building base or crushed rock for driveways. very little is landfilled, at least around here.

Waste from quartz countertop material is often landfilled because recyclers won't take it mixed in with the natural stone due to the dyes and resin that is part of the material.

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I came across a local business last weekend that takes leftover pieces of slabs and re-purposes them into landscaping blocks, tiles and pavers. I think that's a great idea. They even made an awesome stepping stone path out of sink cutouts. Too cool!

I share the overall concern about wasteful practices, especially when the reason for removal is simply the whim of a homeowner's changing tastes. Makes me sad to see behavior like that, and unfortunately it is not limited to countertops.

Props to those of you who are doing your part to reuse and conserve!

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