A sweet little cabinet

paintingfoolApril 25, 2010

I bought this little cabinet (about 17" x 13") some time ago in the clearance department of Beall's. It had baby items painted on the front. I repainted it with pink roses and lavender ribbon. Although I am not pleased with the front of the cabinet - too many roses - I am not going to sand them off. It is going as is to my shop. I added a rose to the top with the ribbon flowing down the side, and then a few roses inside the doors. You will notice they are not exact patterns - I rarely use a pattern when I paint roses, I would if I wanted to take the time to make both sides of the doors alike. Anyway, I am still working on clearing out my paint room - I don't know that I will ever finish.

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Bebe, your Rose Cabinet is just beautiful. I love it that you don't need to use a pattern. I'm sure I'll never be that good.

I really like the colors you used for this project. Love the lavender in your leaves and green on your daisy petals. The flowing ribbons down the side is so perfect.

Another project well done. Love coming here and seeing a new project.....


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I think it is wonderful that you not only made the outside beautiful, but the inside as well. I'm sure one of the customers will see this and just have to take it home with them. Bet it feels good to be getting a few things that you've had around for awhile all painted up and out of the way. I'm still trying to do that with my little stash in my storage shed too. Thanks for sharing your cabinet with us. Luvs

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That is a beautiful piece, well done.

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Wonderful cabinet! And the way you painted the entire cabinet, far beyond the norn. What a wonderful surpise when you open the doors. Your roses, leaves and other flowers just blend right together and so well balanced.

Thank you for sharing!


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Thanks again yall. Not that you asked but I thought I would share with you what I did. The basecoat color is the off white I picked up at Home Depot in the OOPS bin - $1.00 for a full quart, you can't beat that. The colors were Plum Pink, Amythest, and Hooker's green. These are Jo Sonja tube acrylics. I like the thickness of these paints. The hooker's green is a pretty green and doesn't have as much of a yellow tone as some of the other greens I have. The roses are painted with the double loaded technique. The plum rose is a bit dark so I made a mix of white and plum rose to lighten it a bit. Sometimes I added a bit of Amythest to the color as I was blending it. The daisies are so cute and are just your plain old tole stroke using a filbert (or a round brush). One thing I do after I pull in the white petal strokes, after it has dried I come back with a side load of green (whatever green I have on the palette) and I float a little bit of color around the base of the petals near the stamen.

The leaves around the roses are the ones I discussed in my other post on the cigar box, but as you can see I used more white in my paint to lighten the leaf. The little three leaf stems are squishy leaves. Just load your brush with your white and green, blend well, then flatten it out on your surface, squish it back and forth and then come back up on the tip of your brush. Ta da - you have a squishy leaf.

A tip for you - I use DecoArt Faux Glazing Medium to make my ribbons sheer or to make background leaves you can hardly see. The medium thins the paint but gives you a little longer to work with - the water might do the same but dries so quickly. Also, say you want to add veins to your leaf but your hands are shaky - brush on the faux glazing medium, let it dry (or use the hair dryer like I do) then paint your veins on. If you don't like them take a damp paper towel and wipe them off. It lets you correct mistakes rather quickly without taking off the paint.

Again, I am talking a lot. Will be back later tonight.

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Hi Bebe, I never mind at all when you tell us more--in fact I love it and always learn something.

I've never used a glazing medium although I have read about it and wanted to try it sometime. I do use the Folkart floating medium when doing stroke flowers, and use it for the "shadow" or "background" leaves to make them more transparent. I'm going to look for the glazing medium next time I go to Michael's, I like your tip for using it on the leaves before doing the veins. For me, part of the fun of stroke work is being able to have multiple colors in your brush at one time--almost feels like "cheating". LOL

I'm fasinated when I watch a video of someone painting a ribbon. Just can't get coordinated enough for twisting the brush and doing the press/pull at the right time to have one come out right. Have decided that instead of trying to do the whole thing at once, I will practice doing sections and see if that will work for me. Your's are so pretty and I love the transparency you achieve with the glazing medium.

Several of my roses are in bloom now, so yesterday I was "studying" them a bit--each one is a bit different and all so delicate and beautifully made.


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Luvs, I am an open book when it comes to painting. I love sharing anything I can because I have been very fortunate to paint with many wonderful painters and we all share the information.

Another tip for the glazing medium. It comes in a 2 oz bottle just like the paint. When you use painter's tape to tape off an area like I did with the cigar box, press the tape down really well along the edge. Then brush on your glazing medium (it dries clear)down the length of the tape. Let it dry. Then paint up over the tape, when you remove the tape (remember to pull the tape toward the area you painted when removing) the paint will not seep under the tape. I don't let the paint dry before I remove the tape, I may wait a few seconds but that is all.

The floating medium should do the same thing when you are painting transparent.

I am not good at painting ribbons but I am going to go into my paint room and take pics of a ribbon as I paint it. It is a Ros Stallcup technique and since I can't copy out of her book, I can draw what she does and post it. Hope it helps.

I will be back on another post.

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Thank you for the tips, I am just starting to mix my own colors and find it fun but scarry, I seem to get things darker than I want them, lots of do-overs. Guess I need to get my color wheel out.

Do you use Jo Sonja for all of your painting or just for special items?

Again, thanks for the tips!


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Beeee-utiful!! I love that you painted the insides of the doors too. Thank you for all the explainations. I love it! I also like that it's not totally uniform and each bouquet is slightly different. That will sell tout suite. Good job cleaning out your stash! Loving all your projects! ~Anj

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