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anjabeeApril 4, 2011

This is my first time using gesso. For those who are experienced with you really have to wait 24 hours for it to dry and paint on it? And how many coats do you usually put on. Is one generally sufficient? I am painting on metal. Any other tips welcomed. ~Anj

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Depending on what kind of metal, maybe you should first use a metal primer. As for the gesso, 2 coats is the way to go. Apply the first coat, let dry thoroughly and then the second. You can even sand between coats depending on the surface you prefer. I always do 2 coats, and wait till it's completely dry. 24 hours seems a little long, but that will depend on climate.
Follow the directions as closely as possible. But, if it's dry to the touch, go for it!!! I hate waiting.

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Ditto to the above, and I do two coats, but when possible I do one coat side to side and the second coat top to bottom. It can also be lightly sanded when dry.

And as paintergirl said, use a metal primer. It is like an adhesive and your finished work of art will not chip for scratch as easily.

I have also heard that if you use two coats of the same kind of wax used on wooden bowls, it gives you a harder surface. Sure leaves a pretty finish.

Nice to see you back!


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