I need directions on painting a flower basket, not painting on a

textilejoApril 16, 2011

I have been trying to find directions or pictures of flower baskets to tole paint.

I don't want to paint ON flower baskets I need to paint a basket, LOL and every search seems to lead me to painting on the baskets.

I also need painting ideas for little girls dresses for a wood craft project that I'm doing.

Sometimes too much information can be found online:-) and you look for hours and come up empty handed!

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Basket weave is actually pretty easy to achieve. It's just staggering your horizontal brush strokes over your vertical strokes to create the look of a basket.

This free project from Artists Club might help.


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Thanks kraftymom I'll check that out.

I just discovered that if I click on images on Google search and then click on line drawing I can get what I'm looking for. Don't you love it when you learn something new each day:-)

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