Need help painting a galvanized watering can

summerfApril 15, 2009

Hi, I need help preparing a galvanized watering can for painting. I recently enrolled in one stroke classes and am enjoying it very much.

I have to paint parts of a watering can and then will paint flowers, etc on those parts. I need help regarding the preparation.

I am using the one stroke enamel paints for this project.

I do know that first I clean the can with rubbing alcohol but do I have to use a donna dewberry enamel brush to basecoat the can or can I use any kind of brush or even one of those sponge paint brushes?

I must say I tole painted for about 10 years and I enjoy the one stroke much more. I like that you do most things free-hand and it is certainly much less time consuming. I recently painted wine glassses for the first time and was very proud of myself. I also painted on fabric (the bags you buy at the dollar store which you can use as a shoe bag)and they turned out really nice.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot.


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Welcome, Summer
I've also read that you can clean it with vinegar.

You could use a regular (house) paint brush if it is a big can and you want it to go fast. Sometimes I pour the paint directly on the item and use the brush to smooth it out. The sponge brushes tend to cause streaks.

One stroke certainly is faster than tole. I love the results of tole painting, but it is hard to find the time these days. If you did tole painting for ten years, you will have a lot of practice and good techniques. Would love to see your finished watering can. Don't forget to post a pix on the gallery page for us when you are done!


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Welcome to the forum Summer. I'd advise you to contact the teacher of the class, she may have a special way she prefers that you use.

I've not used the enamel paints, but will say that I've done a watering can and small garbage can (for birdseed) with just regular acrylics and they have both held up perfectly for over eight years! Paints seem to stick well to the galvanized metal, and I do spray another coat of sealer on them a couple times a year when I think about it.

Hope you have lots of fun with your project. We'd love to see pics on here as well.


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Welcome Summer...hope you come back often and share with us.

I have painted watering cans and used vinegar as the cleaner, but you really have to be careful about body oils transferring as you handle the project.

Hope to see pictures soon! We all love seeing everyone's projects and it also help boosts us all to do more! Please check out the gallery and conversation links...they are fun!


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