creative_tole_fairy8April 11, 2008

I love tole painting, I started last summer on my own with stencils. Anyway I love to paint tins, like old pots and metal bowls from way back when.

I want to sell them and was thinking ebay, but I don't know, if anyone could help me figure out who takes them to sell or buy, that would be much apreciated.

I would keep them around but I have two of my ones done, and one I am working on, and need to get some extra space before, I start a new project.

thanks so much


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Welcome to the Painting forum Creative tole fairy8. I've seen handpainted items listed on ebay, and I think you could list on as well, lots of crafters there. You might also check at some of your local antique/gift stores. You can sometimes rent a space as small as a shelf in those type of stores, or sometimes they buy the piece from you and resell it.

We love to see pics here, so hope you will share some of your projects with us.


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Hi Christine and welcome to the forum. I don't sell my items so I'm not much help. Luvs has already stated the ones I was going to suggest. Good luck and I hope you will show us your items here. ~Anj

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Don't forget to check with your local Farmer's market. A space is usually inexpensive and you'll get good feedback

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