Hello, anyone out there??

paintingfoolApril 21, 2012

I haven't posted in so long - this year has really flown by. I have been incredibly busy with spring cleaning, painting furniture, having my sister here for three weeks, and home schooling my grandchildren - not to mention that my husband had surgery the first part of the year. No time to paint but that is about to change.

I am posting a domed box I painted some time again. I have so many things in storage waiting to be put on ETSY. I can't display them all even with a fairly large size house. Hope you enjoy,


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I'm here! This is just gorgeous Bebe! Love the stones and the grass. The lace is beautiful and of course your flowers are always so realistic! Glad you are painting again! Love your work! ~Anj

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I've been checking in and out of here but it has been extremely quiet. I do miss talking about painting. :-(

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Lovely painted box Bebe, so soft and feminine looking. We've sure missed you on here. Glad your etsy store and other shops are keeping you busy painting.

Kraftymom, I too miss all the sharing and chatting on here. I still have the desire to paint, but my life has changed so much and I spend most of my time taking care of my DH now. Really need to get some projects started to work on when he is napping. Are you still painting? Still teaching classes?


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I've missed all the talk and pics. Hope people come on soon. I know everyone really gets busy. I myself have been away for 3 months, so I didn't do any painting. I hope to make up for lost time.

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Hi, y'all. It seems the older I get the faster time flies. This year has just zipped by and I am always trying to play catch up. I don't know how I did all this and work at the same time. I paint when I can and since the boys are homeschooled they come over a lot. The good thing is they are 12 years old now so they can play outside without me being right there watching every move. I have several (lots) of items I have basecoated and even drew patterns on so I have them stacked in a basket and will try to paint them as I go. As you can see, I still am painting pink roses but have ventured off to other florals. I painted these roses on an old silverplated tray, I am painting daisies on another one, and I used chalk board paint on one for the wall. Just a sampling to keep us motivated,

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Bebe, your roses are beautiful, but aren't they just a bit different than the ones you usually paint? The rosebud that is slightly downturned is my favorite part and your daisies are just perfection. I love the soft pink background color too. Are your rose items still selling well on your Etsy store?

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Thank you all. Luvs, I paint the regular stroke rose for quickie projects a lot. This particular rose was more opened and was going to be painted in oils but I changed it at the last minute. I love doing little daisies with the filbert brush, so quick and easy and they make great fillers.

I sell some of my items on etsy but more to friends and family and even to a gift shop. I just don't have the time and energy to do this on a full time basis - and I don't to get bored with painting which could happen if I did in out of necessity.

Thanks for stopping by,
love to see more of everyones work,

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Hello! I am new here. Just wondering if you know of any good tutorials on painting roses. The roses you painted are beautiful. I seem to do well with most other flowers, but roses have me stumped! I love to paint birds, I paint on clay pots a lot, and sometimes on wood.


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Welcome to the forum, Tgriss. I'm sorry we are so slow right now but life seems to get in the way of our fun sometimes. Have you looked at any of the You tube videos for painting roses? Might be a good place to start. Painting Fool does beautiful roses, maybe she will have some advice for you. I learned to paint the Donna Dewberry rose and I'm afraid I haven't advanced much beyound that yet. Good luck in your learning process and I hope you will come back and share pics of some of your projects with us. There is also a Gallery on this forum, lots of pics of projects over there. Just look a little ways down the main page and you will see red letters saying discussion, gallery, conversation. Click on gallery and it will take you there. Conversations are for getting acquainted and talking about non painting related stuff so feel free to join in there too. Luvs

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I have visited this forum over the past few years off and on ... always "lurking" lol. I used to paint years ago before I began my teaching career. I really never thought I'd pick up a paintbrush again. I retired a year ago at the end of the school term. I am a gardenaholic and poor to boot lol so, I decided to start crafting and making things for my garden. One thing led to another and I have begun painting again. I miss seeing all of your projects and how they inspired me!!!!! Sooooo.... I hope to see some again soon and maybe post a few of my own!!!

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