Most useful Kitchen Cabinet add- ons

azmomMay 19, 2013

The "adds-on" I ask here means features such as "trash can pull out", "knife tray", " silverware tray", "super susan", "spice pullout", "drawer dividers", spice rack", "tip -out tray"...etc.

We are detail planning for kichen cabinets. There are tons of adds -on to consider.

Could you please share your own experience in purchasing your kitchen cabinets as:

1. Which adds-on you are so glad you have them?
2. Which ones you wish you purchased them?
3. Which ones you could live without?
4. Which ones are better to add them now since they are perfectly integrated with cabinets?
5. Which ones could be added later with products from other retailers, instead of paying for the cabinet companies' prices?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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For me the important ones were the trash pullouts and tip-out trays (I can't stand seeing sponges on the counter or in the sink). And probably super-susan if you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen (I don't).

Most other things can be done afterwards. There is a thread on aftermarket knife trays, for example.

Interested in seeing others' opinions.

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In the many kitchens I've lived in, I have always loved having the trash pullouts. I've only had the 15" with a single can and a little tray in the back for extra bags. This time around I am considering the 21" with two full-sized cans so we have more room for recycling.

I also really want to get the little shelves on the door for my 2 spice cabinets. Then the shelves on the interior of the cabinet will be shallower. In my current arrangement they are full depth shelves and things get lost toward the back. I think the shallow shelves and door shelves will be much easier to organize.

My sink tilt-outs have always been a disappointment. I've had them in 2 kitchens and I'm going to skip them this next time around. I use scrub brushes for doing my dishes instead of a sponge and the trays are just not large enough to hold them. I keep a utensil crock in my sink base and keep my brushes all in there.

I ABHOR lazy susans! I have had several varieties of them in both wall cabinets and base cabinets and they all annoyed me. I am designing my current remodel so I won't have any corner cabinets for the express purpose of avoiding lazy susans. (The funny thing is that every KD I've talked to starts their design by putting a lazy susan in the corner....even after I mention how much I hate them!)

I'm not a fan of pullout shelves. I'd rather have big drawers. However, I have some in a 17" wide tall pantry cabinet in my current kitchen and I kinda like them there. About half are a shallow shelf and half are the deep shelves.

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My remodel is still on paper, but finalized (for all practical purposes). Obviously I don't know yet what I'll love and what I'll think I could do without, or which I like the best. New features I'm adding:

- all lower drawers
- trash pull-out
- built-in cutting board
- tray storage (in a narrow base cabinet)
- pull-outs over the fridge, full depth
- range hood instead of OTR microwave
- Spice rack inside a cabinet door
- under-cabinet lighting
- easy-reach upper cabinets in 2 corners
- sink cab tip-out

I plan to add a knife tray, but as has been mentioned, that's a simple add-on. I've also ordered dividers for deep drawers (as opposed to having the cabinet maker build them).

I can hardly wait to give you a report after I've used everything!

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On the tip-out trays, be aware that there are different sizes you can get. Our tip-outs at the main sink are wide enough for scrub brushes and even my jar of hand cream.

The drawer front size may make a difference though. Our wider ones are in 18" drawer fronts but our cabinet maker could only get the narrower kind for our beverage sink which was a smaller 16" drawer front. Here are the difference between them:

Big tip-outs, can fit hand cream and scrub brushes:

Small tip-outs, can only fit sponges:

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Here's some that we have/are considering that I have not seen mentioned yet.

Two level silverware drawer

Drawer peg organizer

Hands-free opening of the trash pullout

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I'm mid-reno currently, but here's what I opted for:

-12 in upper pull out, intended to put spices in it, just realized recently our hood might interfere so not sure now
-12 in base tray pull out (new range has a warming drawer where we used to store trays, I like having that option)
-12 in tall pull out pantry
-15 in mixer lift (frameless cabs, not sure if it would fit in a 15 in framed) - I never use my Kitchen Aid because we had to store it above my head. We are both excited it will be accessible now. Did not have counter space to spare.

After market:

-knife drawer insert
-pull out trash under sink for recyclables (need to measure space after sink/GD/etc)
-3 in organization pull out, not entirely sure if it will work but will know soon!

I also considered the two tier silverware drawer. We were going to get one until I decided to shift things a little and get a larger drawer. I believe the largest they come is 21 inches. Sure I could have got two small drawers on top of that stack, but I was already so far over budget and the room was already a ton better than it was, so I gave it up.

Still debating the foot pedal for the trash. You -can- use it on many models, but it's only recommended by the mfg for it's own system. Not sure if I want to open that can of worms! I might investigate other things like push to open if I can find something after market.

I honestly don't recall if we got a tip out tray. I wasn't keen on one, but not really against. Now I might want one. I'll deal with it either way :-).

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I like my tip out and trash pull out. Since my kitchen is small, I also like my lap board pull out, which is like a big pull out cutting board that I use as extra counter space. I wish I'd put one in under the counter near my microwave as a landing space - that would have been great. I also love my spice racks in a cab near the stove.

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We haven't moved in yet, but things we added:

Mixer lift. Since planned, we now have a second stand mixer, so I guess one will still be living on the counter. Often, both get used at the same time

Hafele Lemans corner pullout. We love the one-movement to get a shelf fully out and accessible.

80" high pullout beside refrigerator, 6" wide. Actually comprises two stacked RevAShelf pullouts, 37" and 43" high, with single drawer front. Not sure what will end up there, but likely oils and larger spice containers, cocoa, oatmeal, crackers, breads.

One can add the mixer lift and corner pullout later, but the cabinets need to be carefully spec'd to accommodate them correctly.

We will still add the various drawer dividers -- easy to do later.

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Thank you to all of you for the valuable inputs.

We have corner cabinet, may I ask based on your expereince, what type of corner cabinet set up are good, or need to avoid? The quote I received for one corner system is over $2300.

May I ask how do you like your cabinets drawer dividers/Peg dividers, such as for pots & pans and dinnerware? We want to use as many drawers as possible, the largest one is 36 inches; we still have the time to make changes.

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The double lever silverware organizer: I am hoping to be able to hack one after my drawers are installed out of Ikea components. My cabinetmaker could have built it, but it would have been just a little too costly and I am already at the top of my budget for now!

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@raee - Rev-a-Shelf has those for 15âÂÂ, 18âÂÂ, 21â and 24â cabinets. It replaces your current drawer. You pull off the drawer front and drawer glides and attach them to the two tier organizer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Two-Tier Cutlery Organizer

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We did a kitchen remodel on a modest budget. We *had* to get new cabinets. What I love about the cabinets: pull out trash with the two baskets (one for recyclables), the tip-out for the sink, and the cabinet over the refrigerator has the vertical dividers, and we put our cookie sheets, baking pans, and trays there. Absolutely love that cabinet, because it makes space over the refrigerator usable and easily accessible; whereas ordinary shelves over the fridge don't get used much because of needing a stool to actually reach them well.

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This is an interesting thread. We have not decided what to add as of yet, so can't contribute yet, but loving your responses.

Annkh, can you tell me more about your pullouts over the fridge? What are you putting there, and are the pullouts like horizontal shelves that pull out or something different?


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My favorites after having lived with our kitchen for over 5 years now are the two level cutlery drawers, the pull out can storage, the pull out pantry next to the oven, the Magic corner units and without a doubt the two way trash pullout in the peninsula.

What we don't use at all are the two built in cutting boards.

I still appreciate the extra deep toe kick drawers but don't know if I would do them again because we have so much more storage than we had before that I'm not sure they were worth the cost.

Loving all base cabinets as drawers, vertical DEEP storage above the ovens (way better than above the fridge as these are lower and easier to reach).

I don't use pegs to seperate bowls and plates but we did make our own drawer dividers and as they were made to measure what WE have, there is very little wasted space. I got them at Lee Valley.

Absolutley the best thing are our extra deep cabinets, 30" lowers and 15" uppers.

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For the double slider cutlery drawer, consider the link I've attached. Custom built to your drawer for $90 including shipping. You would need to notch the back of your drawer so that the upper level can slide back.

I got my Lemans Arena corner pullout from this guy, quick and (relatively) cheap. I plan to get various inserts from him, once we move in.

Here is a link that might be useful: two level cutlery insert.

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Carol, the pullouts above my fridge will be like drawers on their sides. When pulled out, they will be accessed from the side. I plan to store cereal boxes on one side, and paper products (paper towels, napkins, tissues) on the other.

It will be sort of like this (except mine won't have a shelf above).

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That is a wonderful idea I had not seen. Thanks for the picture.


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I figure if I can reach to the top of the fridge, I can reach to this cabinet. I have tray/cutting board storage elsewhere (a narrow base cab next to the sink), so I had all this space above the fridge. We have two teenagers, and eat a lot of cereal - now when we buy in bulk we store the extras on shelves in the basement. I can't wait to have everything in the kitchen!

I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite.

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could you please tell me what (hardware) you're using to attach your pullouts to cabinet doors. I'd like to do something similar over my refrigerator (also for cereal :)), and also under my sink.



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mommytoc, it will be whatever my cabinetmaker plans to use - I didn't ask specifically. My guess is that it will be similar to a trash pullout?

I'll be sure to post pictures in July, when it's finished! My install starts July 15.

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