Painting vinyl blinds

caroline94535April 5, 2003

I posted this on "another forum," but I thought I might get some great advise here, too. Please forgive me; but I need lots of help!

I have vertical blinds that need "improving." They're vinyl, no inserts. The vanes have a subtle textured pattern molded into them. They're pale ivory with a faint pearl finish.

Could these vanes be painted with a Âwashing technique? IÂd like to sponge them with a colour (sage green) then wipe it off to bring out the texture.

Has anyone had any luck with painting vinyl blind vanes? Would the paint ÂstickÂ?

These blinds were a compromise. I have a 13Â run of windows that had to be covered as cheaply as possible. WeÂre in military housing, I chose the ivory to blend in with the walls. Now IÂm wishing IÂd gotten a colour.

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No, but how did you end up doing it?? Please post a pic and share your creativity if you can!:)

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I haven't attempted it yet. I am planning ahead to when we're in a place of our own and I may want to change or enhance the colour.

I'm afraid of "ruining" them. I thought of calling the company and buying one extra vane. I could cut it into smaller pieces and use them to experiment on.

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Acrylic paints do stick to vinyl blinds. The only reason that I know it does is because I bought some "made to measure" blinds at Home Depot and they offered to let me keep the cut-off slats. I used them to practice my one stroke painting on - would post a picture but don't know how.


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Caroline, have you tried painting your vinyl blinds yet? Let us know how they turned out.

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painted blinds in a childs room

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted vertical blinds

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I have painted metal vertical blinds before. They were brown and I painted them white. I just used regular house paint (semi-gloss latex). I put each one on the ironing board and rolled them with a roller! They turned out great! And the roller texture makes them more scubbable. I am also going to be paint fabric ones shortly. I am going to use a small narrow sponge roller. They are currently beige and I will probably roll on brown... or maybe multiple colors... not sure yet. Again just using wall paint. Good luck!! My motto is - paint it!!! Lamp shades; lamps; you name it!

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I would say yes it will more than likely work,just make sure they are clean first,no dust on them.Put some socks on your hands and run it over each one first.I think they would look good painted.I know what you mean about military housing.Been there done that,got the t-shirt.
Make sure you let us see the finished product.Good luck

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This item really interests me. I am a new homeowner and have two metal doors to the outside of my home. Both my front and back doors have a window in them. I have since repainted the doors however I discovered that the window frames are of some kind of fibreglass or plastic. I did not paint them because I felt the paint would not stick. At least that is what they were telling me at Home Depot and a few other places. I cleaned them up real well initially with TSP but they are still yellowed. At some point if I find the right solution I will paint those frames. Probably now not until spring. I wonder if the acrylics would work? And would I seal them first and after?

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If you covered the door and the glass insert in the door and then sprayed your window frame with a Matte Finish by Krylon, that would make the frame ready to be painted. I would use Patio Paints because they are non fading, made for outside projects and are self sealing. The only Patio Paint color that I have found that will fade is red. But you probably won't be using red. They also come in 2 oz bottles and in larger 8 oz bottles.


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Violet...when I said cover the doors and the window glass...I meant for you to protect them, so the Matte Finish did not get on them.

Actually, if you wanted to paint the glass too, just spray the Matte finish on it and it could be painted also with the Patio Paints.


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Hi Violet, Welcome to the forum. Glad Valleyrimgirl was able to help with your project. Hope it works for your door. Krylon matte is a really good undercoat for most things. If you use it, I would bet your regular door paint would stick fine too--in case you want that part to match the rest of the door. Just be sure to spray a couple coats on afterwards so it will seal it too. Hope you will join us here--we love sharing ideas. Luvs

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Thank you ladies for the advice. Because I am deep in the heart of Ontario in the fall I am going to have to wait until spring now to try this. I don't anticipate having the paint dry well at this time of the year. Not to mention I had to take my doors off to paint them and I don't have a screen/storm door on one of them. But I will most definitely be waiting in anticipation. I wished I had found this site a few months earlier.

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Violet, what is your weather like? Glad we could help re: door.

I live in SW Manitoba. We are now getting 6 - 10C during the day and just at or below 0C at night.


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We had an exceptional day for Sunday at 21C. Thanksgiving day was about 13C. Was at 0C when I left for work this morning so today will probably not be so nice.

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