fabric or paper under glass

ernie85017February 14, 2012

I have seen mosaics with pictures, letters, and even fabric adhered to clear glass, then used as a custom mosaic tile.

Does anyone have a link on how this is done?

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this real issue is to use a glue that doesn't soak into the paper or to seal the paper before hand. I have had success with silicone with this, Some ppl swear by doing modge podge 1st,, and I have even closed clear tape over something 1st. wwhat ever you do, never use the original photos because it is a risk.

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I have done this a lot only I did it to the cross that I did then I sprayed it with a sealer .Then I used safety glass over the top .

These are done with the velum wrapping paper (purple one)
The other is fabric .I did not spray that one it was a texture fab I just held something over it till it dried.

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I have had great success with fabric under clear glass. I lay down a sheet of plastic, then the fabric, right side up, then coat the piece of clear glass with Mod Podge. Then I press the glass down onto the fabric. I hold it down firmly, then release. Then I go back several times and press down firmly to make sure that the glass is completely adhered to the fabric with no gaps. After it is thoroughly dry, I lift it up and with sharp scissors I cut the fabric close around the edges of the glass.

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Same here - I use Mod Podge on paper or cloth. I give it several coats of MP to make sure it's completely sealed b/f putting the tile down.

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Oh --- no .....another idea to use !!! LOL
Thanks for the post and replies - I was always wondering about that.

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Would weldbond brushed on work the same as modpodge? The package says it makes a good sealer when diluted.
nana: I am not sure what you did. Is that crash glass over it? It's so sparkly!

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Yes crash glass and I do use a lot of glitter some times.

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You could try Mac glue, it is also supposed to be good for glass on glass. I think it is available from Maryland mosaics or one of those mosaic online shops,in the US, might be expensive, but a little goes a long way, use sparingly.

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How does Mac differ from E 2000 (I probably have that number wrong, but you know what I mean), weldbond and silicone.
How many different glues can there be? Weldbond seems to be a glorified Elmer's.

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