i really want to learn

ronbreFebruary 17, 2009

i've done just about everything, even faux stained glass, but in all my years i have never cut a piece of glass or used a soldering iron..

there is not much else i cannot do and i have an interior design and art background, so I have a lot of beautiful ideas in my head..but i have never ever tried real honest to goodness stained glass..although i have it all over my house.

i would LOVE to learnb to do stained glass, and i have read books and watched it done a lot of times, it is just a matter of getting a work area set up and getting the materials and getting started..

would appreciate advice on how to get started, mostly for a hobby right now i think, but maybe eventually if i get good enough for maybe more, possible enterprising business for our area, aren't any glass persons in our area that i know of..at least right now

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Well, girlie, sounds like you are a natural, and w/be VERY good at it. I only use stained glass for mosaicing, but a former member of this forum took a class in stained glass making, and the teacher provided all the equipment and tools. I suggest you do that before you invest a lot of money (in case it's not your favorite hobby), or it appears to me by your comments, that you just need to go buy the stuff and get to work. You have the background and knowledge of how it's done - get started. It takes practice I'm sure, but you sound like you're ready to buy and do. Can't wait for some WIP pictures.

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Find a class in your area, it will be a big help getting started. I've even seen some stained glass places have a glass cutting bootcamp or workshop. It's not difficult, and it sounds like you'll be a natural.

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only because the tools and materials are a huge upfront expense I also suggest trying a class first. Cutting is easy and we can certainly give you tons of help, but foiling or leading and soldering are all things that take alot of repetition and can be really trying to get results that you want( not for me, I like lumpy solder! lol ) But you you see the expense of solder, an iron, reostat, foil, grinder... then glass cutter, grozer, breaking pliers plus enough cheap glass to practise cutting up... a class is a cheaper experiment!

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have a few of the supplies like the grinder and soldering iron, and several glass cutters, just haven't started yet..there is a store about 50 mi north that sells glass..and probably supplies..i had them repair a piece of glass for me on a broken stained glass insert..

cost me a fortune

I live in a pretty rural area where classes aren't likely to be found, but i keep my eyes open,haven't ever seen one within 100 miles or more though..i do have patterns..maybe this summer i'll get some more supplies and give a small project a try..my real first large project i want to do i already did in faux stain glass on plexi sheets..i redid our inserts over some crappy flourescent recessed lights..about 2 x 4'..2 of them..they look ok other than the faux glass streaked..the pattern is gorgeous..i think i have pictures somewhere..i also faux stain glassed the entire front of a large entertainment center several years ago and still have it ..gorgeous..but faux..even though a lot of people think it is real

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Welcome, You're gonna love this forum. The gang is wonderful. I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed it so much.
I agree if U can find a class, that would be a good thing. Learning on your own is OK, but can be costly. Some mistakes can be fixed, others are just a waste. Good luck, Cathy

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Not a waste, BEAR, if used in a MOSAIC piece. Yeah, I know - mosaic on my brain.

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I am self taught...any classes I looked up you had to buy your own tools anyway, so I got several books from the library and just dove right in. I purchased my tools pretty inexpensively online and a bunch of glass too.

A few links for you:
http://www.glasscrafters.com (I bought most of my supplies here)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass How Tos

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Sometimes the community colleges have glass classes that are only advertised in their "special interest" flyers. You might try giving them a call. Also check the yellow pages for stained glass artists in the area, they sometimes offer classes too. A couple beginner classes are a world of help just to get the basics down, then it's practice, practice, practice!! Good luck. And remember, it is addictive!

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i marked the addresses and am quite intersted, if i get into it i'll surely be on here for advice..thanks

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There are scads of YouTube tutorials as well as the supplier tutorials and info. Check out the Glass manufacturers, there could be a studio near you that is a private home.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.spectrumglass.com/stained-glass/

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