New painting magazine

pezabelleApril 2, 2013

PaintWorks has a new magazine out, Paint-it Today.

I received an email with a few preview project and the were like what we had in the Quick & Easy. Cute and fun looking and just like all instructions, you can add more detail or shadow/highlights to get the look you want.

Might be worth checking out....


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Thanks for letting us know Belle, I'll watch for it and check it out. Been sorting and getting ready to "downsize" the book collection here. Many I'm sure I won't use again, still plenty left. Glad to see you posting. Luvs

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Luvs....glad you will looking out for this new magazine, doublt very much any local stores will carry it, Michaels doesn't even carry painting books or mags.

I, too have been cleaning out my paint things. I went through all of the books/magazines, online patterns and everything else and will have a huge yard sale this summer.
Some were hard choices, but if you can't be honest with yourself.....your in trouble....and if I said to my self "someday" it went into a box, whereas the "I will" I kept.


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I'm not really new here..just haven't stopped in for a loooong time. This new magazine just recently came to my attention but I haven't been able to find it in stores either. If anyone finds them, please post as to where. Maybe it's only by subscription?

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Thanks Belle! I sure hope my local library gets it. That's where I've been getting my other painting mags for a while. ~Anj

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Hi, I'm new here. I have resumed my painting after about 5 years absence lol. I feel to paint chickens and roosters in the Peter Ompir style. I am looking for a pattern by Michele Walton, the pattern doesn't have a name, it just has a rooster and chicken on the packet. I would like to purchase or trade. I have lots of patterns, if you were looking for anything special, we could trade or I could purchase.


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