Donna D paints a cabbage rose

mydreamApril 17, 2007

Others there too.

cabbage rose by Donna Dewbury.

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Very cool, mydream. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting ready to prep a piece of slate to "Do the Dewbury" on for my flowerbed. Figure I can sand it off if it doesn't turn out like I want it.~A

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Hi Mydream, thanks for posting that link. I love to watch her paint. She does it so quickly and makes it look so easy.

Did you read the comments on that page? I just can't believe how rude and crude some people can be! Whatever happened to the "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" philosophy? My goodness!

Anj, don't worry, even if your first project is not exactly perfect, everyone who sees it will love the pretty colors and think it is amazing--trust me--I have several that I KNOW are not perfect--but fortunately, most other people don't know how it was supposed to be. LOL

I think painting with the double loaded brush is so much quicker and easier than regular painting. And you can do more freehand with the pattern just as a guide rather than having to stay perfectly inside the lines. Let's you get a little more "creative". ;o)


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Bumping for Dreamgoddess to see.

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