stained glass supply store in NW suburbs of Chicago

linnea56February 5, 2009

I know this forum is mostly for mosaics, but you never know. A lot of you are using glass anyway. I am in the NW suburbs of Chicago. I would like to find a stained glass supply store I can drive to (not mail order).

I have a vintage lamp that needs some kind of new shade on the top. It is a torchiere and I have no clue what the original shade might have been. I want to make some simple shade that will fit the top: like 6 plain panels of a similar art glass. I took class years ago and could probably still do it as long as I used only straight lines. (Unless someone feels like making one for me? PM me if you do!)

I donÂt want to do mail order because I want to bring the lamp with for matching/coordinating. Thanks!

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Wow!! it's beautiful the way it is!!! Looks like an antique!! Will lose a lot of value changing the glass. Plain colored glass will cheapen the look. The glass used now has several colors going through it. Are there markings on the base or lower side of lamp? Might go to library & see if they have a book on antique lamps. Handel, Pairpoint, Tiffany all made lamps I notice some Handel lamps were not marked. Jan

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Maybe I was not clearÂ! I donÂt want to change the glass, I want to match it. There was originally some other fitting with something bolted to the top of this, as witness the 3 little loops at the top rim. I can use it now, but from almost all angles, unless you are sitting down, the bulb is visible. If I can figure out what style is appropriate, I want to find a similar glass, make panels, copper foil and solder them together. Then I can wire it into those holes. If I can find a local store I can bring the lamp with me and maybe get advice as well as match the colors.

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I have heard that there is a class store in the Chicago area from a fellow artist who does all of his wholesale business there. I don't know what the name of it is but you should be able to do a search online to find one. The lamp is beautiful!

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Unfortunately there is no way to Google search for a local source. You would have to type in "stained glass supply" and the name of a city, for every city in the area. The search engines donÂt understand the concept of "area" like "Chicago area". If you try it (and I have) you get only false hits like ordinary glass suppliers. There could be a store one suburb over and it would not turn up if they had no web presence.

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I do know that there are people who repair old lamps and therefore collect and save old glass pcs to do so, I met someone who does that in my neck of the woods. Your lamp is Lovely!!! And I hope you find a place to get some more glass!!! What a great project!! Please keep us informed...with pics! too!lol!

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The dearth of stores selling supplies makes me wonderÂ.where are you all buying your glass? There is a major supplier in the south suburbs, but when I checked their website, the minimum purchase was $700! They must be selling to stores as well as to full time glass artisansÂbut where are they?! Where, for example, does some one who does this for a hobby get their glass? Are you all ordering online?

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Try googleing: stained glass , your zip code

The glass looks a lot like Youghiogheny glass to me. ( maybe you can find a match with that brand)

Here is a link that might be useful: Youghiogheny glass

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Or.. try calling a store like this one:
Art Glass & More
1748 Ridge Rd.
Homewood, IL

They can give you a better answer/idea.

( searching hints, include art glass supplies, stained glass supplies)

Let us know what you found and then pics of what you've done !!

Here is a link that might be useful: Artglass

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Linea56 wrote: "Unfortunately there is no way to Google search for a local source."

Yes there is, on google maps. Just search for your area and then search for stained glass or something similar. I just moved to NW suburbs of Chicago myself, and I have been searching for stained glass shops that also carry fusable glass. So far I have not had much luck with the fusable glass, but have visited a few stained glass shops. What suburb are you in?

Here is a link that might be useful: stained glass in Chicago on Google Maps

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Thanks so much for the help! Using the search + zipcode (which I read about first) I did get more appropriate results. Most were places that deal in custom windows, but after skimming through all the websites, one place did turn out to be a store/workshop that also sells glass and supplies! ItÂs only about half an hour away in Skokie. It shows up on the Google map one too. Odd that my other searches turned up window dealers even further away but not this place. I see thereÂs one in Naperville too but thatÂs too far.

I canÂt believe I did not know about these tricks before. Better late than never!

GinGin, IÂm in Buffalo Grove. Where are you? The Skokie place (Stained Glass Emporium) does say on their website that they carry fusable supplies. I took a workshop in fusing at NIU and the teacher got all her supplies from Ed Hoy in Warrenville. But thatÂs pretty far for me and I have never been there. I think it is all wholesale too.
I liked fusing (I used to do a lot of enamelling) but decided I needed to work with the equipment and supplies I already have before starting on a new tangent.

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Hey I'm in Bensenville for now (rental house). If we ever sell our house in FL we will buy somewhere a bit better. Anyway I've been to the place you mentioned, Stained Glass Emporium, and they have lots of stained glass but very little fusing glass & zero fusing supplies. There were 2 women working there the day I went, the one that helped me was utterly clueless. When she finally found me a sheet of clear she couldn't figure out how to price it. The other, who may have been the more knowledgeable one was on the phone the entire time. Anyway they did have plenty of SG so I would recommend checking them out to see if they have a match.
Yeah unfortunately Ed Hoy is wholesale only, which is quite maddening because I'm only about 30 min. from them.

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In my earlier search I ran across this place.

They have beadmaking classes so maybe might have other kinds of glass. They also have field trips to Ed HoyÂs, that might be worth while if you are prepared to pay for the trip and then for the glass (but it would at least be wholesale prices)

Two Fish Art Glass

Look under "specialty workshops"...

"Ed Hoy's Field Trip

How many times have you asked us, "Well, how much glass do they HAVE at Ed HoyÂs?..." The answer is, A LOT, and now is your chance to see it with your own eyes.

We have made arrangements to have a quarterly "field trip" to see the motherlode. I am reserving 4 saturday mornings to go, look, shop and buy from the largest collected stock of glass youÂll ever see. R.S.V.P only if you are SERIOUS about shopping for glass. $50 deposit required. 10 students per outing."

Here is a link that might be useful: Two Fish Art Glass

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LOL that's funny, I found this the other day too. I should call them to find out the details. I don't know if I can buy enough glass to justify it though.

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that is simply beautiful, i don't blame you for wanting to fix the might be able to trace and copy the bottom metal pattern to make your new top pattern the same..and then fabricate fasteners so that it will be secure..lovelly.i wish you the best

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That Two Fish has some AEWSOME classes by the looks of it!!! And a shopping frenzy tour...YES!!! I cannot go to a stained glass shop without spending at least $100!!! Bad Jane...Bad Girl!!!

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If you use the Yahoo Yellow pages, you will get 78 hits for "stained glass". Good luck with your's a beautiful lamp.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yahoo Yellow Page Listings

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If anyone is still interested, I go to Fredrick Stained Glass at Montrose/Elston/Pulaski on the northwest side of Chicago. (4308 N. Pulaski).
He has glass and supplies and finished pieces for sale, too. He also has classes on Saturdays.

TwoFish closed very suddenly last summer.

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