Painting on Plastic Containers

amart45April 19, 2008

I have been working on a new craft project for my Grandchildren. I am painting on plastic storage containers to be used for my grandkids toys. I am having so much fun downloading the graphics off of the computer and coping them onto the container. I am using DecColor Paint Pens to color the graphics. Has anyone ever done this kind of painting.

I am not sure if they need to be treated with a sealer to protect the paint from coming off.

Would appreciate any help or advise.

Thanks so much, Anne

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Hi Anne, Welcome to the Painting forum. That sounds really cute, can't wait to see pics of your project. ;o)

I've never used the paint pens, but I did paint on some plastic containers just using my regular acrylic paints.

I'm a big fan of the spray sealers. I'd suggest you spray on a couple coats to protect your designs--can't hurt and might help protect them longer.

Here's my boxes for you to see, just click on the pics for a larger view:

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Sounds like a cute project. Paint pens don't always need a sealer depending on the brand but if the items are to be handled regularly I would definitely seal them with a clear acrylic spray sealer for more protection.

For painting on plastic I've always used Plaid's 'Paint for Plastic'. It doesn't need a sealer and gently hand washes nicely.

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Thanks so much ladies for all the good information. This weekend I went to Michaels Craft Store and finally found someone that worked with these paint pens. She recommended using the brand "Painters", but said that the "DecoColor" pens work as well. She did not think I need to use a sealer unless I use acrylic paint. I already made a big investment in the DecoColor Pens, but going forward I will be buying "Painter Pens, and I will look into the Plaid's"Paint for Plastic".
I plan to take some picture and post them.
Thanks again!

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