Have you ever done this?

luvstocraftApril 23, 2010

Guess I can blame it on a "senior moment" or being "over eager", but I cut out my wood piece, traced the pattern on, started to paint and then realized I had forgotten to base the cutout piece first! Aaargh!


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Luvs, What a shame this happened... I hope it didn't stop you from painting. Can hardly wait to see what you paint...


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Luvs....know what you mean, I forget to sand after I seal and then have some nasty basecoats.

So.....what did you forget to seal?


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Belle, it was on the cat piece that I forgot to basecoat the whole thing and then trace the pattern on. I cut it out, sanded it, and went right ahead and traced the pattern on! Hated the idea of having to trace it on again, so I just carefully filled in the background and went ahead and painted the design! Turned out fine in the long run, but took a little more time. Luvs

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Well, yes, that has happened to me. But I am lazy, I would have painted my background in take it over the design a bit without losing my pattern. I hate putting patterns on!! But it still turned out nice and no one would have known if you hadn't told us.

Belle, keep cut up brown paper bag on your painting table. You can sand over the basecoat with it. I use it all the time over my painted pieces, it knocks down the wood fur without removing the paint. I also add sealer to my basecoat so I don't have to do two steps - I told yall I am lazy!


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