Tried and failed.....

mom2emallMarch 20, 2009

This is funny. My ds was so jealous that me and dh got a movie for us to watch after the kids went to bed the other night. Kept asking why he could not watch it. We told him that is was rated R and NOT FOR KIDS! He kept trying to come downstairs while he was supposed to be in bed so he could see what we were doing without him. I finally had to tell him that bedtime the following night for him would be an hour earlier than everyone else if he left his bedroom again. For some reason it was just killing him that me and dh were doing something that he was not allowed to do.

So yesterday he went to his dads house after school. He calls and asks what movie me and dh were watching the night before. I tell him that I am not telling him because it is not for kids and ask to talk to his dad. Seems that he asked his dad to rent it for him and his dad told him to get the son forgot to mention that I would not allow him to watch it!

So his little plan failed. I told my ex that I do not allow him to watch PG-13 or R rated movies because he is too young and repeats things from them.

So parents 1 0!

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organic_maria can manipulate and be mischievous...its human nature when someone wants something sooooo bad.
We all did it as kids. Pit one parent against the other...and it doesn't matter divorced or not. If my son cant' get somehting out of my hubby..he comes running to me! and he's only 3 1/2!!! ehehehehe.
Yes....nice point! MATCH!

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That jealous bone gets my SS something awful. DH talks to the kids every night on the phone. Once DH says my name for any reason SS has nothing else to say. We would have to rush him to the hospital with some kinda attack if we told him he wasn't allowed to watch a movie with us.

Good for you taking alone time with your Honey!!

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I thinkjealousy is natural with kids....but up to a certain point and age.
My SD is a teen and she still gets very jealous of her own sibling...let alone her half brother. I find alot of times if she can't get her way with her father she'll use my son as a weapon. Not that it works because my husband calls her on it. Its petty things...and its sad because at her age you would think she would grow out of it...but again she acts very bad...especically with her own brother. I noticed this when i dated him and my dh and i spoke about it. Seems that the bioparents in my case have struggled with sd's jealousy since the beginning. So its not just learned but very muchher personality. She is like this with everyone And what worries me the most is when she gets older, guys will dump and friends will dump her with this 'me, center,me ' attitude....and she will be one lonely girl. Her mother is like this andis now alone as well and unhappy.
We hope she grows out of it.
BUt glad to hear that you took a stand to be alone. We've done this before with the kids and its a struggle. Plus the place is not big enough to get privacy from all of them when they are visiting...and my son doenst' makeit easy cause he's at a stage weher he is sooooo demanding.
I miss holding my hubby and having private time.:(

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too funny. Nicely won, mom!

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