Where are they hiding?

downeastwavesJuly 18, 2006

Small craftsman cottages where are they? You know the ones with all the wooden details? build ins and nice moldings? quiet living. the sears and roebucks homes, the 20's cottages.....

What part of the country are they located? Is there a region or area that seems to have lots and lots of them? With nice historic downtown, sorta like what we have here in Eastport, Maine?

We are looking for another place to live, during the winters and would love to be in one of those homes in a nice neighborhood and a mild climate.


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Pretty much everywhere but New England. :-( They are relatively uncommon here in New England (I live in a coastal NH town of 8,000, but I can count the number of unremuddled bungalows on two hands), but they are dang near everywhere else! The Midwest has millions of them, there are streets that are just bungalows on both sides as far as the eye can see. California too, especially southern CA. (Someday I swear I am going to visit Pasadena's "Bungalow Heaven".) They abound in some parts of the South. There are many regional subtypes too - Memphis, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Milwaukee, California off the top of my head, and there are many more small variations. I would strongly suggest doing some research to learn the differences between the different variations and where they are, learn what you want to hunt for to narrow your search parameters down. Documented Sears homes command a HUGE premium these days, Aladdins somewhat lower along with Wards and then other kit bungalows a bit less, so if that's what you want be prepared to pay through the nose. Documented true Craftsman homes (a true "Craftsman" house is one built from a plan by Gustav Stickley or one published in "The Craftsman" magazine or one of the "Craftsman" planbooks)? Fuhgedaboudit.

Get yourself a subscription to American Bungalow! Among lots of other information and eye candy, there are always realtors advertising, and you can get a feel for what kind of "bungalow communities" are out there. There's also a forum at the above-linked site, and they are very friendly. I lurk, because I don't have a bungalow I don't feel right about posting there - it would be like posting here if you had a 5000sf house. (WAH!!! I want one so bad I could spit, but they are so uncommon here compared to Capes and Colonials and even ranches... one came up for sale in a town I'd be willing to live in a few months back and one of my e-friends had to talk me out of putting my Cape on the market THAT DAY. LOL)

Also, here is a list of bungalow preservation associations, and another one from AB mag. It might be worth contacting these various associations for information about the housing stocks in their area, things like are there lots of intact bungalows or are they trying to bring back run-down neighborhoods requiring lots of money or sweat equity? What are prices for bungalows like? What kind of attitude/atmosphere does the town/city have about preservation of ordinary homes as opposed to "historic buildings"?

Good luck. I am green with envy.

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New Mexico/Albuquerque on the south east side. You will find many Craftsman. The area looks very much like CA where I grew up....Fullerton CA specifically. With many memories of CA, most of the towns in the Orange County area had them, usually near the center of town.

Fullerton was surrounded by 100s of them. I lived in a Craftsman when 10, which was actually a one bedroom apt. over a garage, behind a Craftsman duplex my parents owned. Your question has me wondering what these units look like now.

I am located in Colorado Springs and they exist all over here as well as Denver mentioned. A 1500 sq. foot in very run down areas of town run about 150,000, or the same size Craftsman in a better neighborhood here will cost 500,000.

Your search will reveal more as you travel west, prices will have extreme variables depending upon the neighborhoods and location of towns.

They are wonderful homes, enjoy the wonderful search and hope you find your home.

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We have areas of Dallas and Fort Worth closer to the down town areas that are loaded with cottages. Also in Tulsa where we used to live. These areas are mild in the winter but scorchers in the summer. I hope you find your dream place.

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