you asked for a small home: here is one for you!

kaismomJuly 20, 2011

I went and looked at this house. 456sq ft per zillow. The same unit rents for $1195. This was REALLY tiny!

It is cute as a button. My 9 yo said that it was too cramped when we went to look at it as an investment property for us to buy. I will pass. A little too tight even as a rental. The renter has to really really want to rent a story book cottage with everthing else aside!

Here is a link that might be useful: tiny cottage for sale

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Wow, that is small. It is cute though. Might be just right for a single person who is gone a lot.

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What a darling place, but $235k and no parking???

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Adorable, but the price does seem high. I wonder if there are HOA fees too for a bungalow court. I'd be claustrophobic in such a small place but you do hear of New York apartments running about the same size.

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Marti, it says HOA fees are $190, and I assume that would be a monthly fee? It is adorable. It puts you right in the middle of a ready made community, and I can imagine it would be like a family compound, no way to ignore one another. That sort of togetherness has to appeal to someone or it would not interest them in the first place.

The concept appeals to me, but would not work in my life. Another elderly person could find it appealing though. You'd never be alone for sure.That would be a secure environment.

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The price of that is crazy! I can't believe Seattle is that high priced, but it is a beautiful city.

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That's not expensive for Seattle. It might make a cute rental for a week at a time, for vacationers or business people. It's larger than many hotel rooms and if it's in a good neighborhood, that's easy to find....

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LL, I used to live in Leavenworth, WA for a couple years but that was about 20 yrs. ago. I love it there, the mountains are so beautiful. I couldn't afford Seattle, my sister used to live on that side of the state but didn't like it because of the constant cloudiness and drizzle. I miss the western states.

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The gray gloom, is what one of my husband's friends calls it! :)

Leavenworth is beautiful! What a great place to live. What made you decide to move? Did your sister move over to the eastern side of the state? There's a lot more snow, but less rain (usually, maybe not this spring) and warmer summers!

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LL, the circumstances were not good with my now ex-husband and I decided to go back to school and that I may need my family's help, in Michigan. At that time my kids were 8 and 10 years old and I hadn't worked full-time for a while. So, although I hated moving back, it was the best decision I believe so I could get through college. I miss the mountains - we also lived in Colorado for quite a while and that is where my sister moved and still lives, she couldn't take all the gray days. She lives in Boulder and that is beautiful too.

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