Paintng on soap

nanceleeApril 26, 2007

I have been reading the posts on the gallery about painting on soaps and have something to add. I like to use spray laquer, one light coat before painting and another after painting to seal the paint. Walmart has it just be sure you're buying the clear gloss.Check the lid, that's the quickest way to see for me.Besides soap the laquer is good for lots of projects. This is quick and easy, just line up the bars in a shallow box and spray over it quickly. I like the gloss as it really brings out the colors.I usually buy soap at Walgreen's, their brand, as they have a pretty marbeled blue and also a marbled green and it's on sale a lot of times. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the soap but have plenty of other pics and am having so much fun since I learned to post them. Love this forum. Nancy

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Thanks, I'm gonna check out Walgreens soap. Glad you are liking it here. :) ~Anj

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So Nancelee, are you saying that you think the spray on gloss sealer works as well as or better than the brush on sealer? Sure would be easier, I'm sure.

That's why it is so great that we can all share ideas on this forum So many times the Paint companies will make us believe that we need more expensive specialty products, when in fact, the products we already have on hand and use all the time will do the job just as well.

I'll have to give this a try. How is the scent on the Walgreen's brand soap? That was what bothered me most about the soap I used.


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Yes, I prefer the spray laquer over a brush on sealer and feel it works as well. My GD's love to use it and you know they aren't careful as far as the design staying on but it does. Try and experiment with a few bars and see what you think but by at's cheaper there.And you can always use it for many other things as well such as mailboxes, stepping stones and other outdoor and indoor projects. I agree, in the painting industry they want us to use as many specialty items as they can push on us. That's money in their pocket.

Walgreen's soap does have a scent but the sealer helps that on the topside. Maybe hold the bar in a piece of tissue paper or soft cloth?

Sharing ideas is a great experience where we can all pitch in to fine tune our projects.....and sometimes it takes a ton of fine tuning for me!

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Thanks for the response. I think I will try this. (Does anyone still use hand soap?) Or well, they can just put it out to look pretty. LOL


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