Trouble in tight quarters........

MoccasinJuly 24, 2011

I got this note from Shades some time today, she could not get GW to accept her login. Has anyone else had the problem today? What did you do to correct it?

Chris says:

GGGRRR I can not get into the Small house board. GW is not accepting my password. No idea what has happened. I am in the middle of adding shelves to my pantry and can not handle any more frustration

And I'd like to add that working inside a pantry is mighty tight quarters.

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poor shades!

in the past I had trouble once (in past 3 months maybe). there was also a msg that said something about passwords or logins after April 1... thought it was weird because April was done past us!

after a few tries, I think I closed it out and then pulled it back up and tried again and got in. Just a glitch I think. Can you notify the powers that be for her?

We can't have her not be able to be on here with us!

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Woo Hoo I finally got a log in screen. I do not know what was going on . Was on and off for a couple of days then nothing today. Message said I was not a member then click to have them send password and then error from GW saying that was not functioning now. Sooooooooooooo??????????

WOW I felt so cut off. Now it is too late to try to catch up. The day was so annoying when every board had to be special cut because I did not have a square corner in the pantry.

I finally put up two shelves way up high with the empty canning jars on them I might feel the need to put some thing across to be sure they do not tumble if we get a shaker. But then in three years they have sat on the same shelf only lower and no problems.

Anyway the day was long and hot. UGH I do not know how you southern gals deal with the heat. ONE day of it and I am toast.

I am very happy the whole pantry is clean and I still have half a shelf empty. Not for long. I am sure I can find some thing to fill it.

Thanks ML for letting every one know the reason for my silence.


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Soooo, not being here made you productive? Maybe I should get dh to change the password for my whole computer. lol

But I'm glad you got it done. Don't you just hate it when something that should be a piece of cake has a problem at every bend? I'm doing a little chest makeover and it is like that too. Probably would have been cheaper to just go buy a new one, and a whole lot less aggravating.

I had log in problems white a while ago but I would log in and then try to post and have to log in again and again until it finally worked.

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glad you got in finally!

i've had trouble off and on. usually I don't have to sign in... then out of the blue it won't have me signed in. who knows what's going on there?

what kind of saw did you use to cut the boards? I'm gonna need to cut some laminate planks - don't know what to use. I've got a hack saw... also, eventually I'll want to redo some baseboards that are really crappy. will probably want to miter the corners on those.

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Steph it is a great little hand saw my husband bought. Shark or some thing like that. NOT a finish saw and I do not think it would work for laminate. I had to sand off the edges and if it mattered what it looked like I never would have used this saw. BUT it really eats the wood.

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Shades, did it come in a cardboard sleeve? Very short blade?
I think I have one of those too. It think it is called a short cut saw, and they have different teeth sizes available, and one may be the shark which cuts quick. I love mine, it gets into small spaces really well. It is part of my ladies tool kit.

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Yes it does have a short blade and yes it is in a cardboard sleeve. Love it for quick cuts. But they are ruff. Did not know they came with different teeth. Will have to look into it. A finer cut would be nice to have.

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i need to look into getting one of those! maybe I'll check 'em out when I go to get a blade for my hack saw. i couldn't even cut thru the hose with that thing - but i've had it over 40 yrs and the blade has never been changed so I'm not surprised. time for a new blade - lol!

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I think I have the Stanley 15" Shark Saw, and the 15" FatMax saw too. Or I did before DH started moving things around.

You can look up on Google search Stanley Shark Saw and take a look at them. Sort of like a really small/short hand saw that fits nicely in a compact toolbox. Price is under $10 in many places.

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