i have a question about buying stain glass

faithlovehope6February 6, 2010

i am in Southern illinois by the carbondale area. There is no one around here that makes stain glass and there is no way i can work with glass. everytime i am near broken glass i need stitches. And with 85% of the jobs leaving the area it can not cost alot. but I would like to see if someone could make a pattern i would like to give to my husband. my husband married me with 4 teen daughters. he is so patient.I want to do something for him to show him that i appreciate him.

I would like a boy and girl at a pond fishing surrounded by flowers, with mike and michelle 2006 on it. i would like a 11*13. laying on its side long ways. and the shorter side, being tall.

when we got married it was sept 23, 2006 the day of the big storm that would have been a class 5 hurricane but it was on dry land. and we had an outdoor wedding. well i did not get to use any of the wedding stuff but the cake. and we did get married. when we got home we found my horse down in the field, i stayed out with her all night. the next day the vet came and put her down. so our marriage started really rocky. but he is trying to build me a green house out of recycled items. since we can not afford alot. and i would like to get a window for him/ us to put into it. Does anyone know or can do this for me? and if so how much would it cost?

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I would post this to a local craigslist if I were you

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She is right it would cost to much to ship not counting the exspence for it .

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Sandy Herrin in Herrin, Illinois is a remarkable stained glass artist..........she used to own the Glass Barn in Carbondale, IL....but she has moved to Herrin now.....you might contact her....there also is a stained glass shop in Benton, IL..........I can't remember the name of it...you might try to google? Also, the gal that owns Anthill Gallery in Cobden does beautiful stained glass....not sure if she does commission work, however.......I am not sure how much this would cost you? Craigslist is a great idea. Maybe you have something to barter with? Some artist will barter.....I live outside of Carbondale.

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