Rosanne Barr's Nut Farm show

desertstephJuly 12, 2011

she has a reality show starting tomorrow night on lifetime at 9 pm est.

she isn't one I'd normally watch (tho, yrs back if asked to pick a movie star (?) to compare myself to, it was her! not foul mouthed tho. usually anyway. it has happened tho. don't tell anyone.)

anyway, she lives in HI and has a nut farm there. Is doing the show about operating the farm, raising the nuts (not her kids) - maybe other food stuff?

she sounded decent in the interview on tv. sounds interesting. I figure if she gets gross or something I can switch it away from her!

otherwise, I might learn something!

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I plan to watch a little of it- we'll see. She can be funny but also disgusting.

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yeah, and the disgusting I don't like. I don't watch regular tv - it's mostly all disgusting.

I am interested in seeing HI tho - and the nut farm (as long as it isn't her family - lol!) and to see if maybe she's grown (up) somewhat while working the land.

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It is on cable? I haven't heard anything about it. Roseanne is too foul-mouthed for me.

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I liked the Roseanne show, for the first few years. She and John Goodman were great together...and her relationship with her sister Jackie was very believable. It's too bad she felt she had to get so extreme, because she has talent and doesn't really need to go that far.

I don't know if I'll watch the show, but it would be nice to see her do something successful and funny, again...without the foul mouth :)

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well, plenty of foul mouth again... disgusting that people think that is speech. It's gross.

only a smidgeon about capturing a boar... about killing it. and her cutting down some trees - screaming foul words the whole time.

I did like that her house looked like just some everyday person's house. certainly nothing fancy. think I'll see if she has a show email. if she keeps up the words I will stop watching it.

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Yeah, Steph, it seemed to me it was heading down the same old road from the previews I saw of it the other night.

What kind of nuts, did you find out? Macadamias grow in HI, and so do almonds I suppose. I'm trying to learn how to get pomegranates to fruit, because my parrots LOVE them. I found two kinds of dragon fruit at the Saigon Supermarket last week, really impressive, but the parrots said they were not THEIR I ate one myself. A person with diverticulitis cannot eat it, tiny navy blue specks all through the very white white flesh, inside a hot pink and chartreuse smooth outer skin, but I've heard they grow them in Arizona. Personally, I'm wanting my kiwi to bear next year, almost old enough to do so. My fig already has 10 fruits on it, about 3 of them turning purple/brown. My dwarf fig has doubled in size, but it is in a big pot, looks lovely. I'm also thinking about potting up some big timber bamboo to grow indoors, where I can eat the shoots. I found some canned shoots at that Saigon Market, and they are great in salads, better than the water chestnuts.

I've been reading this book written in 2009 by Ruth Kassinger who lives in Maryland, title PARADISE UNDER GLASS. It is about an amateur building a conservatory which is attached to her home. LOTS of interesting information there, not just the mechanics of operating a conservatory, but the way the concept developed, way back in history, and also about tissue culturing plants, the way tropical plants came to be all over the place, and also about the Biosphere2. Fascinating book. I'm almost done reading it, but will keep it nearby for reference this winter as I face the issues she already has. And I'm not dealing with a conservatory. But maybe Lavender Lass is?

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I watched a little of it- too much foul language (and I work in a machine shop!) I give her credit for getting out there and doing it- she was a crazy woman on the tractor.

ML- Yes, macadamias.

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UGH I am not a fan of her. Nuts or not. LOL

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it's too bad - I thought if might be a good educational show (what was I thinking????)

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I agree, watched 5min. of it - same ole', same ole'. I can't even stand the constant previews of reality shows, what's with the fighting and shouting at one another all the time?

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