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mom2_1sm2_1March 6, 2009

I realized last night when my son woke up screaming that it was mostly when my SD is here (EOWE).

For the most part my son sleeps well but when sd4 is in her bed sleeping he screams and wakes the family. He carries on and on, sometimes up to a couple of hours. Finally we took sd out of the room and he went to sleep. But it is not fair that she has to sleep on the couch to get a good night sleep here.

Any one have this problem? What do I do?

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I take it they share a bedroom? How old is your son?
Does he sleep in a crib? If so, could you put a portable crib (pack n play) in your bedroom, or somewhere else in the house when SD is there?

I don't really know what else to suggest. Is there any other room that could double as a bedroom for SD?

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No great suggestions -- Just a compliment that your perspective on the matter is so fair to your SD4. Some SMs would be complaining that SD4 disrupts the family's sleep by her very existence...

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I don't have any good ideas either, but I'd like to echo what Sweeby said.
Thanks for keeping your attitude so fair to SD!

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I'm wondering if one of those folding screens placed in the room might work?
Possibly leave it there even while SD is away, so that it becomes part of the rooms decor and your son becomes used to it.

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