Iris Tea Kettle

phonegirlApril 30, 2010

This was a copper tea kettle and I don't know why I wanted it white but at the time thought it would be fun to paint on. So tonight I painted some small iris on it. One more out of my stash done.


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Punk, you sound like me, everything usually ends up painted either white or black. I do have some blue and some pink spray paint--but seldom use them on anything!

So will this be just a decorative item now? Is it to match your kitchen colors? I like how you did the two tone effect on it. Did you use your new paints on this one too? Were they easier to use this time?


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pezabelle lovely! I like the entire look of the tea kettle and the stroke work is very attractive as well as the have really "gotten your brush in hand" and are painting up a storm, keep them coming!


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Luvs, not sure what will happen with this tea kettle but might use it with a tablescape. I used the acrylic paints on this one. Don't know how long it will be before I try the others again.LOL

Belle, glad you like the tea kettle. I may be painting alot if this rain and snow doesn't stop pretty soon. More coming in the forecast next week. My yard needs me and I'm tired of running in and out!haha

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Gosh Punk, I just can't believe you are still getting snow! I'm sure it doesn't stay on the ground very long, and hopefully is not going to be a deterent to your Spring flowers. Hey, if it gives you more painting time--maybe I like the idea, huh????? LOL


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