Latest project--a little early

luvstocraftApril 14, 2010

My latest painted project was some little patriotic kids for a friend on another forum. Here's the link in case you might like to see them. They are shown in this first post. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted patriotic kids

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You did a great job, Luvs. I saw the originals some time ago and you got the likeness just right. Really cute!!

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Luvs....How cute! And as always, so well done! They would be a great addition to any room or as talked about, enlarged for a yard decoration. Did you do a set for yourself?


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PF, I'm glad you thought they looked just right--I really had to work on the little boys face since the image I enlarged was a little blurry.

Belle, I haven't made a set for myself--yet. I do still have the patterns and will hopefully get to use them this year.

Thanks for taking a look ladies. I was glad Karen posted that pic since I couldn't find mine.


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Luvs, I posted on the Holiday forum but will say it again. The kids are adorable.


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Thanks everyone, they were a fun project to paint. I think I might try them on a long board with one at each end and a word like America, or USA, or something similar in the middle. We'll see. Luvs

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Oooh, I like the idea of having them on both ends of the long sign. That would be really cute! You did a great job on these. I know she was very pleased to get them and will display them with pride! I think I have seen the boy before, but not the girl. I like them together. You are on a roll! ~Anj

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