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mleaApril 18, 2007

Any tips for painting sayings on my walls? I figured I could print out my sayings/words on the computer, in what font I like and trace them onto the wall, but then do you just use acrylic paints to fill in....do I need to shadow or outline around the letters? Anyone got any pics of anything they've done, and even some cute sayings for the kitchen, living room or bedroom

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Hi mlea, I haven't tried doing any writing on walls, but it sounds like you have the right idea on how to do it. Acrylic paints will work great for that.

I know there are websites for words on walls. This one is in my Romantic Country magazine--you might check it out for ideas. It is www.wellsaid.net and also www.wallwords.com--hope those will be helpful to you.

Someone else here may have more information to help you.

Please be sure to come back and post a pic for us when you finish, we would love to see it.


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Hi mlea~ I painted words around the top of my stand up shower. I did exactly what you said...printed out my words, used tracing paper to put them up and then just painted them with acrylics. The battery is charging on my camera, but as soon as I can I'll take a picture for you. The words I used came from a French friend. Lavez, Rincez, Sechez, Dansez. (We wash, we rinse, we dry, we dance)
I did mine several years ago and in the wet climate of the shower the acrylics have had no problems. ~Anj

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Mlea, take a look at these walls. Hope it helps you find a saying that you like. Luvs


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Luvs~ what a great site!! I love the one that says "I cooked once and decided it was a bad idea" !! ha I may have to do that one. I only got to scan thru them, but I'm gonna go thru them again later.
I saw one in a restaurant in Florida "Unruly children will be cooked and eaten". I've been wanting to do that one on a sign for my kitchen. Ok, my sense of humor is a little whacked, but it cracks me up. :D ~A

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If your sense of humor is whacked, then so is mine--I thought both of those were funny too. Also, really liked a couple of the nursery ones. I hope Mlea comes back to see our responses to her post. Luvs

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Thanks to all you who responded. I loved those sayings on the walls.....and it'd going to be fun trying to pick out one. "We wash, we rinse, we dry, we dance" is such a cute one too. Thanks again!

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Saw this on a card and it has become my favorite saying:

The Secret to Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time.


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I am at a loss as how to do this- How do I trace it on the wall? How to keep it straight is also a concern- Thank you for any help you can give me

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Sorry, I totally forgot to put the pics I promised on here.

Hi Jules~ I just printed out the words in a font I liked in my Word program at all the same height on my paper.(I did them on the bottom of the pages) Then you can just tape it up and use some kind of tracing paper underneath to trace it onto your wall. I had a ledge in my shower that helped me line mine up so I didn't have to worry about keeping it straight, but I guess you could use a ruler and chalk to make a straight line where you want it to be? Then just paint in your words with acrylic paints. That's all I did and mine's been in a shower in wet conditions for probably around 4+ years and had no problems. Hope that helps? ~Anj

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Thank you Anj! I ended up just doing mine free hand looking at the simple font I found online this afternoon. We just painted the room and I really wanted to get this done- I get ambitious like that and just go with it. I love your saying so that is what I used above my kitchen sink where I do dishes- thank you for all of your suggestions and I may use them when I write again. I have several walls I want to express myself on. Jules

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Quote I like: What I am looking for is a Blessing that is not 'In-disguise'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faithful-lee Yours

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