Belle, some eggs for you

luvstocraftApril 3, 2011

Don't think these are what you are looking for, but you might just like to see them. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted eggs

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Luvs, hope Belle will like some of these patterns. I think alot of them are super neat.


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I do like them Punk....TY Luvs for posting the link. I have pulled several out to use.

I have been using my craft lathe, it helps a lot, especially when drawing lines around the eggs. The hardest part is finding transfer paper that will mark on the eggs without leaving lines after painting. Comes back to using chalk most of the time.


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Belle, Have you tried Chacopaper? I use it all the time. When finished painting if any marks are left, use a damp brush to wipe off the remaining lines.

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Citytransplant aka Countrygirl....what is Chacopaper?

I have several pencils that will disappear when painting, but the dark one still shows through after painting, mainly because I am using whites or very soft pastels.


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