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move-or-be-paintedMarch 4, 2008

Hello Fellow Painters

I am new to the forum and looking forward to it. I have been painting for 12 years now. Like everyone else lots of books, paint and brushes. I don't want to count them it would scare me to much. I have so many books that have not been opened since they were brought home from the store, but I know that they are there and what is in them. Can't seem to remember a lot of things but let anone move anything from my painting desk, I know right away. I also gave painting lesson for about 5 years but had to stop when DH became sick. Right now I want to paint a mailbox cover but can't seem to find anywhere to buy one. I have tried searching every way I could think of but can't find a supplier. Does anyone know where I could get them. Thanks for your help


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Hi Move-or-be-painted, Welcome to the Painting forum. I tried some searches for them too, but no luck. I did find the paintable, sewable canvas--maybe you could make your own cover? Hope some one else will jump in here with where to find the ready made ones. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Paintable canvas

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Hi Brenda- I bought magnetic sheeting years ago in A C Moore.for the same purpose....I checked the tube I had and I went to the web site above and they have sheets in different colors.....just not sure how much u have to buy,,,,,I bought a roll of 24" x 48.......I had good intentions.....its still intack in the .good luck.......

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Gosh, there must be a lot of Brendas out there in painting. If Brenda Starr's source doesn't turn up anything, try your local sign company. They do magnetic signs for cars so they might have a piece large enough for your mailbox (and it may be in their garbage bin for free).
Good luck and welcome. I am still waiting for more pics from our painters.

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Thank-you for your suggestions I will try the magnetic sheeting and see it that works. I don't know what I am doing wrong I can't seem to be able to post any pictures on here. I followed the directions but.... I will havr to try again. Thank

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I held a Xmas craft art 6 yrs ago for neighbors in my park. We made the mailbox covers. All I did was use the centerfold of a newspaper & placed it over the box & creased it on the 'seams' part of the box. I did the same with the door and back panel Allow 1" all around the body panel & end pieces to fold in a hem & then,hot glue it. I also set the pattern on the box to cut a slit for the flag & the handle for the door. We made our color selections and used oilcloth as the fabric.Once all of the pieces were cut, fitted, a Flag & the latch openings cut-wesimply sewed all of the pieces together!They decorated them as they saw fit.
On the undersides of the box's main panel-I sewed velcro tape about 6" apart so they securely fasten underneath.

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